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  1. I agree, but to an extend. I have long-term buyers who became like friends over time. I love chatting to them on occasion, and it makes my experience here so much more authentic. In the real world, you can become close to actual clients, can’t you?
  2. I agree! Serious sellers on this site prioritize and plan their work and an unexpected order is not always welcome. A ‘confirm order’ button can also gives us the opportunity to clarify the order and perhaps extend it to encompass a better price. Fiverr should welcome the idea to make the whole freelance experience better for sellers. Serious (and honest buyers) won’t mind. Also, the whole issue of cancelling the order due to misunderstandings and buyers ordering ‘by mistake’ can be wiped out. Why not, Fiverr support?
  3. This is a great idea @blazedesigning!
  4. You can’t do that- if the order states unlimited revisions then you must deliver unlimited revisions. I agree, but surely, it must be reasonable to an extent?
  5. I agree! Tell the buyer you’ve gone way out of the way for him on this and you’ll be doing one last revision for him. If there’s anything more after this, he must create a new order.
  6. I agree! It is easy to blame the Corona virus for everything, but the truth of the matter is, if you are good at what you are offering you still be getting orders. I have been flooded with orders in the last week and are, in fact, now overbooked as we speak. I am not blowing my own horn, but please stop blaming external circumstances! Read the advice here on the forum and keep growing. Adjust your gigs, your pricing. Aim to provide the best service. Give 10% more than what is expected of you. It might take a while, but your perseverance will pay off.
  7. Sounds fishy. Asking for your credit card details? No, I won’t have anything to do with this.
  8. Yeah, using this mentality, you could send a seller a dictionary and ask them to edit it into a new Harry Potter sequel. And that is how some buyers think. :rofl: Noooo, what a mental image!
  9. Hi guys, I need some advice here. I’ve got a buyer who is ‘writing’ these long rambling blogs and hires me to edit them. Her English is not very good, so the sentences are sometimes horrifying and give me headaches. It is more a ‘rewrite’ than an edit. Recently, the blogs got longer and longer. At first, it was about 2000 words, then 4000 words, and then, the one I got today: a whopping 5200 words. I jumped from asking $35 per blog at first to $75 when we hit 4000 words. Today I quoted $120 (which, by the way, I still think is too little, considering the headache I am going to have to try to make some sense out of 5000 word’s worth of terrible writing.) The buyer accepted my offer - but added a condition. I must ‘revise’ an earlier blog. Now, she never asks for revisions, although I offer them. She is a repeat buyer, but I’ve been thinking recently that perhaps our journey together has been going on long enough. What should I do? I haven’t seen the task yet, but should I revise the earlier blog (which she accepted AND wrote a glowing review for)? I feel this is a bullying technique and a way to ‘punish’ me for quoting more in this round. Ideally, I should refuse, as the previous order has long come and gone, and a revision at this stage warrants a separate order. Or what do you think? @jonbaas @thatwordchick @cyaxrex @humanissocial??
  10. @jonbaas Great advice! I am from South Africa, and Fiverr is relatively unknown here. When I tell people about what I do, they think it is a ‘get rich quick’ scheme! I’ve had loads of people asking me for advice because they want to quit their job and also do what I do. My answer is essentially what you are saying here: It is not easy! It is not quick! Being a freelancer is like having your own business and building your brand. If you are not willing to start at the bottom and work hard, you may as well not do it. You won’t be successful.
  11. It is nice knowing you, guys! I look like a lunatic, giggling here in front of my laptop.
  12. Don’t keep us in the dark about your decision! I want to KNOW!!
  13. Hi, I really like your introduction. It almost make me want to order a website for myself! Good luck on Fiverr!
  14. I disagree. I learnt a lot buying from others. How the system works, where to find messages from the seller, how it looks on my side when the seller messages me, oh, too many things to mention. Try it, you won’t be sorry.
  15. I’ve bought from other sellers and found the process very enlightening. I understood better what to do with my own gigs/orders. You don’t have to spend much. Order a profile logo or video from another Fiverr seller and learn from the process.
  16. I do this too, all the time. Don’t just cancel an order because a buyer asks you to.
  17. Great advice! Glad to hear things are going well with you. 😃
  18. I am inspired! On Monday, I am going to start writing my 100 words per day. If I am calculating correctly, I should have my book ready in less than six months. Wouldn’t that be great?
  19. That is so great! I might try it … What is your book about?
  20. Hi! Congratulations! I have a book in me too… but how to get it out? With 75k words waiting for me in queue, I’ll NEVER write something of my own. I’ll be too stressed out!
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