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  1. Great advice, @wolfhowler It is my best kept secret - this.
  2. @eonfinnegan What great post!! Wish I can give it ❤️ (the long one, I mean)
  3. Just my two cents: As a new buyer, it is not a bad idea to over-deliver on your orders. Yes, payment and your time is essential, but isn’t it more relevant to first establish yourself here? Give everything and more for six months - perhaps gain a few regular buyers, and THEN set some boundaries. It worked for me.
  4. It is not a problem. Remember, the jobs are not yours yet. You must bid on them to get considered.
  5. I am enjoying this thread enormously! Just checked out the guy’s gigs: did you see the standard one? For $450, you’ll get a store that brings in $2000 per month! I’ll split the gig with you, @visualstudio One can’t help to think if you can create such a store within 3 days (3 days delivery!!) - why not just build stores all over the place instead of coming here?
  6. @cyaxrex @misscrystal @mariashtelle1 @humanissocial PLEASE comment on this one? I need a laugh.
  7. So, what you are saying is - correct me if I am wrong - it is your modus operandi to say NO to people contacting you, let them WAIT seven days, and then jump back in? And they are sitting around, just WAITING for you to come back? I have been doing things all wrong!
  8. Yes. Many Fiverr veterans do make a living here on Fiverr. I know a few myself. But they didn’t get there by begging on the forums, or sitting back and waiting for things to happen. They became successful (sometimes wealthy) by, taking responsibility for their gigs, marketing their services, and doing what they needed to do to BUILD their success. You will likely fail here if you just sit back and wait. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick platform. It is a marketplace. If you want to be successful here, it will take a lot of work, sacrifice and hardship. Nothing will come easy, and nothing will be given out of charity. Hard work. Hard work. Hard work. Jon, you always give wise advice!
  9. Use the Buyers Requests tab and aim to shoot for 10 requests per day - relevant to your niche.
  10. I agree! It would depend on what you are asking. I often decline orders if I feel they are not worth my while. However, I don’t ignore buyers. I always find it best to cut the chase, get to the heart of the matter, and ask the buyer for more details. As soon as it becomes apparent that we are not a match, I politely tell the buyer. I agree we should not waste each other’s time!
  11. Hi, do you mean you’ve reached out to individual sellers? I find it hard to believe that a seller would ignore a genuine request from a buyer! I love getting offers in my inbox and a new opportunity to work with someone. Also, it will reflect negatively on a seller’s profile if he or she does not reply to a new request. Most sellers would respond. So, I am thinking - perhaps something went wrong somewhere?
  12. This is quite an achievement! Congratulations! How long have you been on Fiverr?
  13. I am proud of you!! Finally, someone who understands.
  14. Don’t bid on anything you are not comfortable with. Decide what you are going to spend your time on. Ridiculous offers are often not worth it. Be patient, and bid on offers that sounds reasonable.
  15. It is not for me to say what buyers will do and not do. Everyone is different! I can only speak from my experience. I read quickly, and I don’t want to waste my time. Therefore, I will scroll quickly through the responses and first look for my keyword. (Many buyers use this these days: they ask you to mention a keyword or phrase in your response.) If I don’t see my keyword - well, how can I trust you with my project if you can’t even do the one thing I asked for? Say I find my keyword. Great! Now I am interested. I will read further and see if you understood my request and if there is a ‘connection.’ How to make that connection? That’s up to you, but I would like to see that you understood what I asked for and that you offered to meet my needs exactly. Something creative, out of the box, or something extra wouldn’t hurt, either. A personalized, down to earth, original answer to every post. There you go.
  16. @jonbaas You still respond to buyer requests? 😃 Just joking. I like them for precisely this reason. I can win orders!
  17. I am a seller here on Fiverr, but I posted a buyers request yesterday to help one of my clients to get his project done. Sellers! 29 replies to my request - and NOT one original response. I explicitly stated 2-3 things I need - NO ONE addressed that. Instead, I received paste-and-copy ‘ads’ most not even relevant to my request. So - stop complaining, please. You’ll never get orders if you don’t READ, get personal with the buyer AND TELL him what YOU can do to get the job done. READ the request, and don’t reply if you can’t really provide the service! You are wasting the buyer’s time and your own, for that matter. If you are a match for the request, write a personal note (A NEW ONE EVERY TIME). “Hi, I see you are looking for XX and XX. I believe I am the best person for the job because I can XX, YYY, and ZZZ.” If the buyer asked you to include a keyword to see if you read his request - well, duh! Include it! Only 3 of the 29 requests I received added my keyword - a few brownie points there, I suppose. There are many threads here on this forum about buyer requests and ‘how can I get more orders.’ Well, here’s a place to start.
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