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  1. Hi, My friend was arguing that "order in queue" are those orders which aren't yet started countdowns, and their buyer didn't submited requirements yet. so when the order countdown will start, that order will not be shown in "orders in queue" But my claim was when buyer submit all the requirements and countdown starts then those orders will start showing in "order in queue" section Can you guys correct me , it would be good if i can hear from any official member? Thankyou
  2. Fiverr should include some more stats to its curious sellers like me to get to know more about our audiences, at least they should provide more stats to seller plus subscribers. im seller plus btw.
  3. Wow. Thakyou for explaining with so much detail. I am satisfied now.
  4. Hi mam, Yes i read the article, still there is not answers of my sepcific question available.
  5. Hi, The clicks and visitors we grab from social media to our gigs, where can we see those stats or vistors? in gigs impressions? And what if we got visitors who are not registered or not logged in their fiverr acccounts what those visitors will be considered as? will those visits count? if some person came to our gig and didn't place order how do we know that he had come?
  6. Hi, Recently I met an order which was in revision and everything between me and buyer was going fine, and the next day that order just got cancelled by customer support and the buyer's profile is no more visible, probably he got banned. As i know Payments of refund cases like these usually gets back to the seller, But here im curious to think will this impact my gig position negatively? these kind of order cancellations are more likely to be scams by buyers so why seller has to face to impact of it? isn't there any solution from fiverr policies to protect sellers from getting penalties after this kind of cases?
  7. Hi mates. My name is Sohail and i use my father's Payoneer account to withdraw funds, So i had to change name in profile settings matching to the payoneer account hodler name (which is my father ibrahim). Can any official member from fiverr guide me if i put own name in profile setting will i be able to withdraw funds? or should i let my father's name (ibrahim) remaining in profile settings name ?
  8. Sharing on social media can beneficial but it will take forever to get any conversion or leads, its good option just when you are beginning with empty pocket. No mate im not a new seller, i have 1k+ reviews and 3k+ completed orders, keyword selection/thumbnail/image are longer methods, that makes just 1% difference even when you have some reviews or completed orders before. for initiating a business inboud marketing or direct ads are mandatory in todays age.
  9. Because i want to push my gigs and increase conversion rate, promoting self business isn't bad idea but promoting our fiverr profile is also necessary parallel.
  10. Is that also apply to those profiles or gigs which were got hit by fiverr order cancellation penalty? and went to down? and my 2nd question what if we run ad on various social media platforms like instagram and facebook and bring buyer from outside of fiverr, is that allowed ?
  11. Can anyone please tell me what is the per month charges of seller plus (premium) ?
  12. How sucess manager feaure is different from fiverr customer support???
  13. is sucess manager feature only for premium subscriber or standard subscriber can also eligible of it?
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