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Should our name in profile and payoneer name needs to be same?


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Hi mates.

My name is Sohail and i use my father's Payoneer account to withdraw funds, So i had to change name in profile settings matching to the payoneer account hodler name (which is my father ibrahim).

Can any official member from fiverr guide me if i put own name in profile setting will i be able to withdraw funds? or should i let my father's name (ibrahim) remaining in profile settings name ?



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5 hours ago, Lena said:

Hello @doraseoworld1

It should. However, since this could cause some issues, please contact our Customer Support and explain to them in detail your concern. You can open a ticket at https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new or you can send an email to support@fiverr.com. 


Thankyou ma'm for responding.

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