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  1. Some cultures see it as very rude if the person you’re addressing is older than you (and it’s hard to tell on a forum full of strangers whether someone is older than you). Not necessarily the caste system, as suggested, just elders. This is why keeping it simple is preferred. When in doubt, people shouldn’t use these terms. I’ll use Fiverr as an example, Fiverr is a global community. People come from different walks of life. I don’t want to pull out the golden rule 📚 book on how to interact with people from XYZ country, learning their customs, etc. Nope, I keep it professional. I don’t need to know a Client’s name to do my job.
  2. I remember a long time a go. I used to venture into BR when I was BORED and just for giggles, nothing more. I was doing this :point_down:t4: the whole time I was there. It just amazes me how people are expecting Million 💸 Dollar results for $5-$10 bucks.
  3. I’ve had male users address me and other ladies on the forum as Bro. 🥴 So, I address them as Sis, fair game. 😈 It’s annoying! This is 💯% true. Anytime I see these words, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. I say to these people respect me by addressing me by Nika or by my username.
  4. This is one of the reasons why I avoid Buyers Request section like a plague. You never know who or what is lurking in those murky waters. 😬
  5. This is an ongoing issue. I just don’t understand it! Whatever happened to addressing people by their username?! 🤨
  6. Welcome to the Forum, Anikah! 🎉It’s always nice to see people from the Caribbean. 🌴 Take a look around, you’ll find a bunch of helpful topics to get you started. Tips for Sellers is a good start. 🍍
  7. Ugh! Hassling and harassing Buyers to leave reviews/feedback could earn you a warning. Buyers are not obligated to leave reviews. Buyers can leave feedback at their own discretion. Who are you to dictate what they should do? And so what they are not online? Their life doesn’t revolve around You or any other Fiverr Seller.
  8. Well said. And mmm, I miss Burger King! Fiverr sorts reviews by relevance. Longer reviews tend to be deemed more relevant, which is why this one is near the top of your list. If you sort reviews by the date they were left, you’ll see this review will no longer be near the top. Unfortunately, you can’t change Fiverr’s default way of displaying your reviews. Thanks, I’m just trying to educate the Seller on how things work. 🙂 Ahem, Drool. 😆
  9. I read the review the Buyer wrote. The Buyer provided a VERY detailed feedback. Fiverr encourages Buyers to leave a review based on their experience with a Seller. This is not Burger 🍔 Another thing… 💡 Don’t go writing the Buyer demanding that he/she revise their feedback. This is something that Fiverr frowns upon.
  10. @muneebashraf524 Try communicating with your Buyer. 🍍 Ask probing questions like… Why he’s dissatisfied with the order? What can you do to fix the problem, etc? Communication is key here. Immediately diving into canceling an order is not wise. Listen to what the Buyer says and see if it’s something you can resolve without losing the order and tanking your stats.
  11. Hello Jeff! Welcome to the Forum. 🎉 I see this is your first time posting here. This is for internal information only. Available only to Fiverr Staff! It just shows them that you are experienced in your field of service. This information will not be displayed on your profile.
  12. 💡 Focus on pushing out quality work, striving for excellent communication instead of Fiverr’s magical Algorithm. ✨ Unless, someone is on Fiverr staff payroll; nobody can give you the specifics. People can only speculate all day and night.
  13. Hello @dhani2020! Welcome to Fiverr, I’m sorry you had a BAD experience from the jump. Rest assured this platform has many amazing Sellers. The best thing you can do is share your side of the story with Fiverr Customer Service. If what you’re saying here happened. The Seller’s communication was POOR. I can only speak from experience. Fiverr CS has always been kind, professional whenever I had a query. Sometimes, I received contradicting responses but in the end they always came to a conclusion that worked for me. Some times things went my way and sometimes it didn’t. But that’s life. I can’t have my 🍰 cake and eat it, too.
  14. @mariashtelle1 is 💯% right. I read the first few lines and stopped. Want to know why? Rule #1 NEVER start working for a :shopping_cart: Window-Shopper. Are you here to make money or work for FREE? Rule #2 Don’t waste CS time by reporting a user who didn’t place an order in the first place. Rule #3 Please read rule #1. Time is a terrible thing to waste. You’re exhausting too much time ⌚ and energy on a non-paying window-shopper.
  15. Question: Did you read Fiverr’s terms of service before you signed up? What people fail to understand is… Fiverr can change their terms whenever they feel like it WITHOUT giving us the heads-up. If your gig was denied, what can you do? Raise hell about it? Or create a gig that complies with their policy?
  16. If you’re looking for tips & tricks, nope I’m not here to provide those to you. 💡 The key is generating multiple streams of income, not just on Fiverr. Do your research, I’m not going to do it for you. 🍍 As for views? It’s a hard pass.
  17. Geeze, this sounds complicated and UNFAIR to your Buyer. I’m certain your handling of this order will make the Buyer dazed & confused. Why in the world 🌎 would you want to do this? The rule of thumb is completing work that YOU are capable of completing. Refrain from offering services that you’re not skilled in doing to avoid problems. ALWAYS aim for a pleasant Buyer experience. 🍍
  18. Fiverr give sellers the option to charge whatever they want as long as it’s $5. Personally, I cannot work for 🥜 peanuts. NO WAY, JOSÉ! I can’t speak for the people charging $5 bucks for a gig. When Bargain Hunters come to me with low-ball offers, I turn them away. Lowball offers are an insult! Grrr :lion:
  19. Since you’re new, never start a project unless an order from Fiverr is showing in your account from the Buyer. This will let you know the Buyer PAID for your services. Never start work for free without the work order. Don’t let the Buyers butter you up, promising they have a lot of work if you do XYZ. It’s a CON! When a buyer places an order, they pay Fiverr. Fiverr will hold onto the funds once the order is completed. Keep in mind funds will take 14-days to clear and will be available for you to withdraw. Um, nope! You are the Seller, there aren’t any upfront fees to work on this platform. Except for Fiverr taking out their 20% cut from finished orders including tips. While you’re here, I highly recommend that you BOOKMARK and READ through the Seller’s Education Center. You’ll find the deets you need to start your Fiverr career. 🍍
  20. Ugh! I still get “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hello” Blah messages. It’s a waste of my time.
  21. If the person reports you. It could potentially land you in hot 💦 water. Fiverr CS could take it as… You’re trying to offer services/payment OUTSIDE of Fiverr. You could contact CS to come clean, just so they could see you’re trying to be honest about the situation/mistake. :woman_shrugging:t4:
  22. Sweet! Of course, I Googled it hehe. It’s a Brazilian dessert. YUM 🤤
  23. WOW, are you kidding me?! That was uncalled for. 😲 I just read the screenshot conversation. The Buyer interaction is appalling. 😡 Never condone this type of behavior, just because a Buyer places an order doesn’t give them the right to disrespect you, ask for freebies or verbally abuse you. Report this behavior to CS immediately don’t think twice about it. You didn’t deserve this at all. You deserve Clients who will treat you kindly and professionally. Nathalie, I’m sorry this happened to you. 🌹
  24. OMG, I’m laughing so hard over here. 😂, awesome movie! The Bargain Hunters are always on the loose. @virginiabg Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that. 😯 I haven’t ordered a gig in a long time. BTW~ Happy Birthday, are you enjoying your day and eating a yummy slice of cake? 😋
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