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  1. Welcome to the Community! 🎉The website you’re working on is called FIVERR. Next, you should bookmark and read the Tips for Sellers section. Enjoy your time here! 🍍
  2. Your Buyer needs to PAY for additional services. Simple concept! DO NOT tolerate this kind of behavior. Report and BLOCK him! He’s trying to take advantage of you. Never do extra work for FREE. Time is money and 💰 money is time. DO NOT allow Buyers to walk all over you like a shag carpet. You did nothing wrong?! Bad behavior should never be rewarded like NEVER. 5r can read the messages between the two of you. Remember you deserve R.E.S.P.E.C.T and nothing less. 🍍
  3. 5r has certain mechanisms in place to detect Academic gigs, before an account is disabled it’s viewed by a human. They do not take disabling accounts lightly. Plus, users can report gigs. Academic gigs are frowned upon, so before creating a new account get permission from 5r CS first.
  4. This is why you have to tick the mandatory ✅ requirement box to force the Buyer to fill out the necessary information. Otherwise, you’d be a sitting 🦆 duck. You can send a polite follow up email to the Buyer.
  5. I read “one right” as “one night” 🥴… and my distorted imagination took me to another world 😄 Right now I need a haircut 😆 and I can’t think about anything else (3 months!) Now, when I see the correct answer… I can say I would never guess it 😄 I think it’s the same as with @maitasun… when this fiery Latina says “It’s very simple”… it’s all over! Haahahaha it’s all good. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park puzzle. I was WRONG! 😬 May I suggest a haircut? Mohawks are nice. Not the crazy high ones but something like this. 😃
  6. OMG, FINALLY! :clap:t4: It takes Two to Tango is CORRECT! 😁 Awesome job!!! ⭐ https://media.giphy.com/media/jtRVA6tniiHFowozBf/giphy.gif(image larger than 4096KB)
  7. 😅 You’re calling for the spoon to appear. 😬 😳 🙈 🤨 😅 Dirty Dancing??? :thinking: 😬 😳 😅 You’re close, but remember it’s a dance phrase. The dance is very 🌶️ You’ve heard of it before or danced it, the outfits are amazing, too.
  8. 😅 You’re calling for the spoon to appear. 😬 😳 🙈 🤨 😅 Dirty Dancing??? :thinking: 😬 😳 😅 Bwahahahaha. Nope. 😅 Although okay nvm back to the puzzle. Recap. When you look at the first emoji. This is used on a set to do what? Ahem. Another hint. 🎬 ⬆️ (It’s a dance phrase) 🍹 Phew! I hope @imagination7413 is getting close.
  9. Ooooh! I seeeee! (I just had a turn, so I’ll give someone else a shot if they want it…) Not Quite… Don’t forget the lady and gentleman emojis. 😁 Remember they are a couple. Another hint. 🍹 I really want this puzzle solved today hahaha.
  10. Yassss, @maitasun should know this dance very well. 😊
  11. LOL 🤭 Nice guesses but, it’s not the puzzle. OK fine, I’ll give you a hint. 💡 I swear it’s easy peasy! 😛
  12. Ask CS first before opening another account. I’ve seen disabled account holders open new accounts and those accounts were disabled as well. So, the best thing to do is to get their permission first. Email them at support@fiverr.com since you wouldn’t be able to open a ticket with your account. If they give you another chance make sure you abide by their TOS. You will be able to withdraw revenue from your disabled account after (90) days.
  13. Fiverr disables accounts for a legitimate reason. They do not take disabling accounts lightly. What services were you offering? Jog your 🧠 memory to figure out what you did that violated their TOS. Once an account is disabled the decision is final.
  14. DONE My answer is still the same from the last poll and that’s both. 😎 The Buyer only ratio on the forum is definitely smaller.
  15. Okie Dokie. I’ll do this puzzle. 😁 🎬 Encouragement. Study each emoji and think outside the box LOL. It’s really easy! 🙃 @vovkaslovesnyy you gotta get this one right.
  16. According to a poll in 2018 (12 voters), 50% were both buyers and sellers, 42% were just sellers. See You could create a new poll for all 3 options if you want to see if those stats have changed. Polls are unreliable and people tend to not tell the truth in them. 🤥 Looking at the post, it appears I participated. 😁
  17. I Agree! It’s one of my biggest pet-peeves on this forum. Reading a thread that’s :t_rex: dinosaur years is annoying. Please let these ancient threads rest in eternal peace. ⚰️ 1828×768 366 KB
  18. It’s definitely a learning and educational experience. It’s different, from the same ole, same ole on the forum. If ya know what I mean. 😉
  19. I forgot to mention in my previous post. In my opinion, I think it would be beneficial for Fiverr Staff to have a more prominent forum presence. True. I know if they are undergoing maintenance or other site-wide issues. They post it here, but the only problem with that is many Sellers and Buyers alike do not visit the forum at all. A Live Chat would be awesome, but I just don’t see that happening, well not anytime soon.
  20. Fiverr Staff have made it very clear that the forum cannot be replaced with Customer Service issues. If you have an issue reach out to them. They don’t answer forum queries.
  21. Looks like you’ve opened up a ticket, let us know what CS says about your query.
  22. Clap to the rhythm? :thinking: Mmmm, yummy! 😋 I’ll take one and make one for @maitasun, too. Grrr, don’t hold back, take a guess, remember our girl pat? 😅
  23. Ooooh! I seeeee! (I just had a turn, so I’ll give someone else a shot if they want it…) Okie Dokie. I’ll do this puzzle. 😁 🎬
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