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  1. Does Reindeer count?! :thinking: Oh, reindeer, I’m confused now. 🥴
  2. @coerdelion I didn’t know you’re from the 🇬🇧 that’s pretty cool. Love the accent. Once a upon a time a 🇬🇧 dude addressed me as “Luv”. Of course, it didn’t bother me because we were friends. LOL, I’ll swing by YT to see if I could find it. 😃
  3. @editor_kiddo You need to create your own post. Post it in Improve My Gig section if you want critiques.
  4. Okie Dokie. Well, it doesn’t work that way, you should be PAID for the work you’ve completed and delivered. If she goofed up and chose the wrong platform that’s not your fault. She would have to order another gig for Weebly, if you offer that service. If you don’t offer Weebly, then there’s nothing more you can do. Communicate to her that’s what she ordered and you’ve completed the order per her request.
  5. Um, your post was difficult to understand. Are you saying your Buyer placed an order for a Wordpress landing page? But then she changed her mind and wants a Weebly page built? Did you complete the WP job? Do you know how to build Weebly pages? Did you communicate this issue with the Buyer?
  6. What about TRS? 👑 Have you thought about that one?
  7. It’s all good. 😎 I mean when I write letters, I sometimes start off with Dear, Jigsaw. Writing it in a Hi, Dear form is awkward. Anytime, I see that word, I cringe. I had a few people addressed me as hun recently. Eek!
  8. What browser are you using? Try using an alternative one to see if the problem exists.
  9. Yikes, since the last time I posted it was the first 10-20 posts. I was literally done with this thread. I see that it keeps going and going like the Energizer 🐰 725×700 370 KBThere’s no way, I’m going to read 500 posts LOL. Give me a recap @insects44, what happened here? Did you discover any new information? Let’s see if we can get to 1K posts. 🍹
  10. Um, it takes some sellers more than 2-weeks sometimes months to score their first sale. When you started your Fiverr career, I bet you thought the orders would’ve been plentiful. Nope! It doesn’t work that way. You have to work hard and make your business a success. Read through the Tips for Sellers section, bookmark it! 🍍
  11. We’ve had multiple discussions about the term “Dear” on the forum. Yes, I get annoyed, too. Here’s one. It’s a funny thread to read through. 😁 I found another one. HAHAHAHA so yeah it’s an epidemic. Sir, Dear, Ma’am ugh!
  12. How exactly did you come to this conclusion? What happened?
  13. Just keep in mind… Fiverr does not disable accounts for fun. They always have proof to back up the action taken on users’ accounts. They rarely and I use that term loosely reinstate a banned account. When you email them, you can ask for their permission to open a new account. Don’t forget to read the TOS.
  14. Hi, there! Welcome to Fiverr & The Community! 🎉 Yes, so many people are still hurting mentally and financially from this virus. That’s a great attitude to have considering the circumstances. 🙂
  15. Two people in love, who get drunk, videotape themselves being naughty, then have a romantic moonlit dinner? :thinking: -Gasp- AHM tsk, tsk, tsk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your mind is definitely elsewhere. 😅 VERY close, you’re off by one word. @imagination7413 You’re very close to. It’s something couples enjoy doing. 😉 Now let’s see who’ll get it first! 😛
  16. Those two could no longer bear being kept in lockdown. 😂 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AcclaimedSpectacularDuiker-mobile.mp4 All yours, girl!!! 😄 YAY! 🎉 So, I’m sitting here wearing one of my comfy robes. Sippin’ on a latte. 😋 The NEXT PUZZLE IS... :couple_with_heart_woman_man: This one is easy, fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:t4: Good luck, Emojiheads! :sunglasses:
  17. Yikes! 😲 I just read the Buyer’s feedback, it was very detailed. If you’re offering Unlimited Revisions, you just cannot refuse them. That’s considered False Advertisement. You need to reconsider offering unlimited revisions if you don’t want to do them. I agree with @coerdelion the response to the Buyer was unprofessional. This could cause potential Buyers to not want to work with you. 😬
  18. From time to time, you also need a break! 😇 😂 Thank you! 🙃 Here’s an easy one. ☺️ And Vov, don’t complain! It’s really easy. 😅 ☀️ Sundance kid? :woman_shrugging:t4:
  19. Yes, this was unfortunate for many students. 😟 I watched quite a few virtual ceremonies, my university commencement was done virtually for the first time in history. My classmates were disappointed but they understood. I hope when it’s time for me to graduate, things will be back to normal to really enjoy the graduation ceremony. 🎓 I think it’s awesome you decided to start your Fiverr Empire! 🙂 Anyway, Welcome to Fiverr. 🎉
  20. Hi there! 😎 Welcome to Fiverr & The Community! 🎉I highly recommend bookmarking and reading through Tips for Sellers you’ll find a plethora of golden nuggets. 🍍
  21. Um, what you wrote is too vague. Tell us more. What’s exactly happening when you try to create the gig?
  22. SMH 🥴 OK, yeah it’s unfortunate that the Buyer’s child is sick. But at the end of the day what does that have to do with you? If a Buyer comes to you and says they are starving and don’t have food to eat, what are you suppose to do? Buy a Happy Meal? No, you do NOTHING! If a Buyer comes to you and says, his/her pants 👖 is bursting at the seams. Are you doing to buy the Buyer new pants? NOPE! You are offering a service that they must PAY for. The Buyer was using this sob story to play on your mental, which worked. The Buyer used you and now you’re here in this predicament. I hope you’ve learned a lesson. Are you on this platform to make money or work for FREE? This is a business, not charity. 🍍
  23. Fiverr allows Buyers the freedom to decide if they want their projects added to public portfolios. Some Buyers are OK with displaying their work; while others not so much. Once, they’ve made their choice it cannot be changed. The only thing you can do is respect their privacy.
  24. Howdy @insects44. Since you tagged me. I’ll definitely give you credit for being so passionate about this. 😁 Fiverr is like Narnia, even Aslan would have a hard time figuring out things. :lion:
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