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  1. Another thing to consider, if you need more time ⌚ to finish an order. Request a delivery extension, don’t abuse it. But use it when absolutely necessary. 🍍
  2. Oh, nice to know the job wasn’t limited to just me! 😃 AHM, the entertainer, working hard to make our lives a bit happier! ☺️ 625×936 1.35 MB Hopefully, Nika! We, girls, need to outnumber the guys team. 😂 And for me too, Nika. And for me too… 😬 He and his puzzles… 😰 Let’s Do This! 😁 We just need @ahmwritingco to confirm @imagination7413 answer. I wonder if he’s still in Lalaland 💤 I get the time zones mixed up.
  3. Choose which Wikipedia article you find most intriguing. 😎 Votes are anonymous. Dinosaurs 🦕The extinction and life of Dinosaurs.Greek mythological figures 🇬🇷 gods and goddessesHistory of Paper :spiral_notepad: Papyrus plant, the impact and more.0voters
  4. You should’ve read the TOS (Fiverr & Facebook) before you started this gig. 💡 When in doubt. I highly recommend running your gig offering with CS first before wasting time promoting, etc. That’s unfortunate, but you clearly violated the 3rd party TOS. :woman_shrugging:t4: There’s nothing more to do but to learn from your mistake and abide by the rules.
  5. Hello, Debika! Welcome to the Community Forum. 🎉I’ve encountered some amazing new sellers. I’ve given a lot of new Sellers a chance to WOW me. We all started off where you are at the moment. 🙂 Cheers to growth! 🍍
  6. @maaz_creative Can you confirm if this happened on the Forum or the Main 5r Website? Self-promoting in areas were it’s not permitted is a violation of their TOS. People do not like SPAM, I know I don’t, it’s gross.
  7. Grrr, you beat me to the deal LOL. I had to pour myself a yummy cup of latte. ☕
  8. I’ve been busy exploring like Dora the Explorer. 😆 I missed playing this FUN game. Don’t worry, I’ll swing by more often to play. ❤️ Now it’s time for me to figure out AHM puzzle. 🧐
  9. Then why did you deliver a partially completed order? This premature action caused you to be in this 🥒 FYI~ A cancellation will NOT remove the neg feedback. If that’s the angle you’re hoping for. If not, the Buyer refused cxl/refund, so there’s nothing more to do. Nothing, I read the feedback the Buyer wrote. You dropped the ball, you should’ve waited for the Buyer to provide the requirements. 💡 (mandatory) gig requirements to force Buyers to provide the necessary information. Next time don’t be in haste to deliver without getting the applicable information to complete the job. Period!
  10. Say What?! 😲 Mistake Numero Uno (number one) $5, sheesh McDonald’s 🍔 I would never approach a Seller with a meager $5 or $10 or $20 to create a website for me. That’s just WRONG. 💡 Start valuing your worth. I’ll be honest it was difficult reading what you wrote. My facial expressions were all over the place. 😬, like never. Um, that’s an old tactic. Buyers like to butter up Sellers about a ton of work in the future. NOPE, Don’t fall for it! Another thing… I just don’t understand the concept of UNLIMITED REVISIONS. You could be doing them for the rest of your Fiverr Career. WOW, I hope you learned a lesson here. 🍍
  11. Well, for what it’s worth. You should be elated the Buyer is not complaining. Maybe the Buyer is busy or need more time. Fiverr gives Buyers 3-days to review and accept the order; before it’s automatically marked complete. So, just hang tight! You can send a polite follow-up mail. That goes along the lines of… “It was a pleasure working with you, your order has been delivered. If there is anything else I can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.” Of course, you can use your own words. 🙂 But try not to be too pushy and don’t ask for a review.
  12. To answer this question. I’ve had orders marked complete. But still sent revised work/additional files via Fiverr messaging system, this is perfectly fine to do. I would recommend providing a written step-by-step tutorial for downloading the content. Let’s face it some Buyers are not technologically savvy, which is OK. Educate them! 🍍
  13. Why confused? Orders are not guaranteed. BR you’re competing with other Sellers and the Buyers choose. Expect Ebb & Flow! When the fountain dries, work on other projects or side hustles. tweak your gigs, keywords, description, images, etc. When you started your Fiverr Career the TOS didn’t say you will get a stream of orders constantly. Goodluck! 🍍
  14. Demands upfront without an order placed, interesting. :thinking: Never allow a Buyer or should I say a Window-Shopper take control of your business, set your standards. Tread very carefully here, there are people who are harvesting information. My business outside of Fiverr, I’ve signed NDA before, but it was from Clients I’ve built a solid rapport. They asked for my first and last name only. Of course my signature. Fiverr is a different story! Some people will ask for an address, SS # and that’s where it gets sketchy. When you contact CS keep in mind the response time will take longer than usual.
  15. Hmm, It sounds like the Buyer is trying to pull a fast one on you. If you completed and delivered the work. It’s up to the Buyer to at least request a revision if you allow them. Fiverr gives Buyers the opportunity to follow up with the Seller. If he is dissatisfied with your work. The fair thing for him to do is to give you a chance to fix it. Any CXL request warrants a legitimate reason. As for CS, they are inundated with tickets, so their response time is slower 🐢 than normal. How are you feeling, do you want to decline the CXL or CXL and take a hit without a reason?
  16. Fiverr can’t force the Buyer to keep the order active. Sadly, the CXL will affect you. Did you ask the Buyer why he wanted to cancel? Try to get his reasoning to see if you can persuade him to keep the order active (this is where your communication skills come into play). This also leaves a paper trail just in case things go south.
  17. Boom 💣 Exactly! KFC 🍗 will not reveal it’s delicious recipes to Popeyes or Churches Chicken. At the end of the day, we are all competitors.
  18. This thread is still active. Why start a new one? https://forum.fiverr.com/t/any-problem-for-fiverr-account-using-vpn/461822/10
  19. Yup! I remember now. Thank you for the screenshot. 🙂 I hope they fix it soon. :crossed_fingers:t4:
  20. Where exactly are you seeing this update?
  21. Hello, Ananthan! Welcome to Fiverr Forum! 🎉Congratulations on earning your degree, that’s a huge accomplishment. :clap:t4: Take a look around, you’ll find some interesting topics that are helpful. To learn more about the Forum click here. :point_down:t4:
  22. I seriously want to know what are the benefits of using VPN? Whoever answers gets a slice of 🍕
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