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  1. I see why you’ve earned the moniker The Brand Man. 🤭 You’ve managed to convince me to play the sims again with your words. 😅 I tend to lean towards Virtual Reality/Simulation games… Playing games relaxes me after a busy & stressful day. I can put on my kid hat and have some fun. :woman_juggling:t4:
  2. I’m actually getting work done that I’ve been putting on the back burner for a longest time. I’ve been rockin’ my favorite robes and jammies. It’s all about being comfy! 😁
  3. Building a rapport with Clients is encouraged. Something that I practice. However, as soon as it crosses the line of wanting to know what I had for dinner last night or what my weekend plans are, and asking personal questions. It gets creepy! 😬 I get it that many people are lonely and need a friend. There are many websites on the net to explore these friendships. Especially, during the times we live in people are at home and bored.
  4. Well, Fiverr is cheaper than specialized sites, so… Ukrainians aren’t a race. I’m glad I often get mistaken for a guy. 😸 Sadly, there are people out their preying on users. Trust me, I have had some really weird encounters on this website. My spidey senses are good at picking up these vibes. My tactic is to DISENGAGE. HAHAHAHAHAHA… You’ve got a point there. But I’m not falling for their shenanigans. 😅
  5. I don’t see why anyone would want to work for FREE. Fiverr is not a Charity website. I’ve had this happen a few times, but it didn’t work. I shut it down immediately. Some tend to get extra friendly and airing out their dirty laundry. This is not Facebook, this is a business. In fact, some were bold enough in their interactions, inviting me to their country or offering to fly ✈️ me out to visit and take me shopping. There are customers, who disguised themselves as being interested in my services. However, they are using 5r as a dating service as well. Pretty Strange! 🥴
  6. @afzaldesigner78 Oh my gosh, that is a lovely Masjid. 🙂 What’s the second place?
  7. Yikes! Talk about a blast from the past. This was a fun thread. 😃 Excellent choices, I would love to visit those places as well. But after we get over the coronavirus stuff. 🙂 1173×1600 355 KB
  8. Hey, Mila! 🌻 Read it before it disappeared. 🤭 BTW~ Do you still play this game? :point_down:t4: 1200×800 147 KB 1600×899 162 KBI remember you recommended this to me and I played for a couple of months. Life got hectic so I wasn’t able to play in a very long time. 😧 iPhone. What other games are you playing at the moment?
  9. Hey, Jon! I think I played the Sims a few years ago, when they offered it through Facebook LOL. Yup, it’s been a longtime. 😅
  10. Um, why do you want to know about my forum activities? :thinking: How will it benefit you?
  11. Orders should be delivered on-time. If the Client paid 💰 for expedited delivery, then I’ll deliver within that time-frame. Fiverr gives us 24-hours to respond to new email. Communication is important tho. Um, Buyers, Customers, and Clients are the same thing. 🍹 Why? Are we going on a scavenger hunt? Toodles 🍍
  12. I’ve ran across a few games with everything you’ve mentioned. 😁 At the top of my head. Gardenscapes. 1280×720 110 KBLily’s Garden: Design https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/C10gTMszsYS.png(image larger than 4096KB)Green Valley Farm 1136×852 537 KBHay Day I’ve never played these games before. So, I don’t know how good they are or not.
  13. I’ve been playing The Last Day on Earth to pass the time. It’s very addicting! Building my base making it bigger & better and stockpiling. Still need more parts to build my tank. Annihilating Zombies is therapeutic LOL. 😆 820×432 28.6 KB 1920×1200 396 KB 1600×900 255 KB 1068×700 638 KB
  14. I know! Can we please have some more @eoinfinnegan appreciation? I’m starting to wonder why I’m even here. :thinking: Yeah, Enough is enough already. @wpfalcon is using this thread to uptick his charity. I’m sure that’s not what @mjensen415 intentions were when he created this thread for people to hawk their side hustles and projects.
  15. Hmm. Why are you making this thread all about you and your initiative?I’m a U.S. savvy businesswoman and I certainly don’t need handouts. Just sayin’
  16. Time is a terrible thing to waste. Yup! Word around the street is that by offering free work. It’ll entice Buyers to buy more gigs. 😶 It makes me woozy. 🥴
  17. Simple. You send an extra 💰 gig services request. The goal is to work smarter not harder. I’m sure you have other pressing things to do, than work for free, no? Educate Buyers to PAY for the extra services they need.
  18. I’m sure your initiative can benefit others. But how will the funds be allotted to different freelancers? A coin toss? How are people suppose to trust that the money they donate will go exactly where you said it’s going? These are legitimate questions that concerns a lot of people.
  19. Personally, I do not want to see a single link on this forum for any charity. What on Earth is everyone thinking? Do homeless people try and improve their situation by asking other homeless people to donate to their new homeless charity? Did people in Haiti all club together after the earthquake and ask each other for money? If you need to lend a fiver, do you ask someone else who hasn’t got one? Everyone is suddenly rushing to start charities. Where was this level of social responsibility a month ago? The ;last time I looked, there were homeless people a month ago. There were also people dying every day around the world because of poverty, poor sanitation, slum living, and zero access to medical care.- Right on the doorsteps, I might add, of what seems to me like most of the people now pleading for charity here. Meanwhile, banks are putting UP charges, governments are doling out money to corporations that were already in the red before this, and the last time I looked, hardly any of the big tech companies in the world were paying any taxes. Like it or not, we are also now about to enter a massive financial depression. What are freelancers here expecting? For people to donate money to them in perpetuity until it’s over? This is now beyond ridiculous. IF someone anywhere starts a charity in their country that it can be independently validated as legitimate by checking with that countries tax authority (not simply by it having a website), that charity can contact Fiverr officially and maybe get a mention here. Otherwise, I (as well as lots of other people) am now sick of coming here everyday, just to be faced with a new e-begging plea dressed up a little differently. This needs to stop Agreed 💯 I talked about this earlier in another thread. Coupled with the fact that people are taking advantage of this pandemic making a profit. At the end of the day donating to me is taking a chance. We really don’t know where the money will end up. We don’t know if these families will receive the money. Many freelancers from all over the globe are suffering not just the U.S. freelancers. I don’t want to come to this forum to read a bunch of donation requests from XYZ person. It’s tacky!
  20. If you are 💯 certain that you did the work then there’s nothing more to be done. Doing extra work for free is time-consuming. If the Buyer is threatening you to do more work that was agreed that’s a NO-NO. Listen, don’t allow Buyers to blackmail or bully you to do work that was not agreed upon. Period. Point. Blank! Secondly, if you don’t give the Buyer what he wants. Don’t be surprised if he lodge a complaint against you. He can go to CS to complain about the project and request a refund. Fiverr cannot hold the Buyer’s money hostage. You can take a screenshot of the threats and share it with CS. Of course, that doesn’t mean they will let the order stand. Mostly likely it’ll be cancelled on their end and the funds returned to the Buyer.
  21. LOL, I know the feeling. I’m trying my best to keep my hands moisturized, smooth and soft. The wrinkly/dry look creeps me out. 😄 Hearing about it everyday is draining. 😩 I take breaks from social media just to keep my sanity in check.
  22. Nice! How are things going? I went out yesterday and bought some seeds and flowers to plant. Marigolds, Sunflowers, Gladiolus and some Veggies. Now I just need the energy and motivation to get out there and plant them. 😁 Yup, I don’t mind getting these :nail_care:t4:
  23. Kudos, UK, here’s a cookie. 😋 But yet, the OP is here acting surprise. The note clearly stated a 3rd party complaint. You’re right about the vague response. However, I think it has something to do with confrontation or revenge. Fiverr don’t want the violators to track down the accusers to cause problems. They are protecting their privacy!
  24. LOL… No gym life for me. I’ll be working out at home. Plus walks on the park to catch some fresh air and watching the trees 🌳
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