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  1. I didn’t read it, can someone translate? A mini summary will do.
  2. Staff addressed the issue here. Join the discussion. :point_down:t4:
  3. Hi, McKinley! It sounds like you’ve made lemonade out of lemons. 😋 Being able to bounce back. Plus turning a bad situation around deserves a pat on the back. :clap:t4: lemon1408×2000 2.17 MB
  4. You’re right, I’ve had inbox issues in the past and Clients were understanding. Fiverr sending out a mass email would be helpful tho. Eek! Well, my fingers are crossed. :crossed_fingers:t4:
  5. This is a legitimate question of concern. :clap:t4: Sellers shouldn’t be penalized for the lack of a working messaging system.I would like to see staff address this issue. @mjensen415.
  6. True. Until Staff updates this thread that means there isn’t a resolve for the issue. But scolding people is not the right way. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure they don’t want other users to scold them for asking. What I Did: I went ahead and put myself in OOO mode to avoid hassles. Is it a huge inconvenience? You betcha. 😑 However, I’m not going to hurt my heard about it.
  7. I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here. 😈 Matt did open the thread for a discussion. People have a right to inquire, because their STATS are on the line. Communication between Clients & Sellers is critical. Communication from Staff on ALL channels is important here.
  8. Join the discussion. :point_down:t4:
  9. Coupled with the fact that people are stressed out dealing with the coronavirus. Some days I don’t visit the forum, this is not ideal for most. Hey, @mjensen415 can you put a notice at the top of the forum? To avoid duplicate threads.
  10. The thing is a lot of Sellers/Buyers do not follow Fiverr on Twitter. So, getting the word out is critical. A mass email is important right now.
  11. Fiverr Staff already addressed the issue here: :point_down:t4: For updates join the discussion.
  12. You can get permanently banned from Fiverr if you do that, and if sellers accept to contact you outside of Fiverr, they can get permanently banned, too. What’s even more :crazy_face: is… The user is saying that on a thread that a Fiverr Staff started. 😯 Telling/encouraging other users to violate terms is a NO-NO.
  13. Join the discussion here. :point_down:t4: Staff is aware of the situation.
  14. Update from Staff: :point_down:t4:
  15. LOL, bottoms up. 🍹 (I’m drinking pineapple juice) 😋
  16. Thanks, Matt. :ok_hand:t4: Redirecting traffic here. I was dreading the million of threads on the same topic.
  17. EDIT: Also, you have joined in July 2019, so it’s not even one year. Wow, things that make ya go hmm. 🥴
  18. Join the discussion here: :point_down:t4:
  19. Say What? Yikes! 😲 What have you been doing all this time to market your gigs? You’ve waited two-years. I think it’s time to be productive and find ways to hustle. What services are you offering? Maybe what you’re offering people are just not interested.
  20. Join the discussion here: :point_down:t4:
  21. My Fiverr Voyage has been very colorful & interesting. You?
  22. Push out more completed orders to earn access again. Get out there and promote your gigs in places that allow it. 🍍 💡 Goal ~ ALWAYS deliver quality work. :ok_hand:t4:
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