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  1. I got 34% 😪 Now time to working in it.
  2. What you are providing is not clear above! You only go to customer support if you want to cancel the order.
  3. Can anyone explain how Metigy works?
  4. If your earning is below 5LPA then no GST require. (GST is for above twenty lakh). You have to fill all mandatory details and also state, address, city, postal as per PAN. Try to include PAN it will deduct 1% TDS on each order (TDS under 194-O), If you don’t have PAN it will be 5% TDS.
  5. Trying to make conversation can seem unprofessional (unless you offer one of those “I will be your friend and talk to you about anything” gigs). Yes, offering to be friends and talk about anything is unprofessional. But for selling a product we can do some conversation (like asking names, country) Likewise i asked name.
  6. Well, that is ridiculous - ALL Gigs have a time frame attached - some are 24 hour delivery some a month or more. Do you have anywhere in your Gigs that you have 2, 6 or 12 hour turnaround? If you have in your Gig anything that leads a buyer to think you will work on something immediately (there ARE sellers who do have this in their Gigs - just saw one today that says they will deliver in 2 hours) that could be why this buyer was demanding you start work and deliver asap. At this point though, you would be better off to cancel this if you have not already, as it sounds like you cannot do the work - I doubt you will be able to convince this buyer to give you months to do their work. GG Why not if buyer will ready to pay extra! If they actually need work then i will be happy to provide service. But i will do my best to convince that the work (no of hours) they want for basic gig is not possible. Yes, I do. But how its possible to find person with just a name.
  7. This is how Fiverr works - people come here, order things and expect to get them. I know many sellers here put all over their profiles to contact them first, but, buyers are NOT held to that. You cannot make someone message you first. This part makes no sense in English anyways. What do you mean you are trying to “identify this buyer’s name?” We do not have access to someone’s account or real name here, and for good reason. There are a lot of nutty sellers who would go find someone on social media and harass them or worse. YES! I have seen it done over the years! Why would you deliver work now after they asked you to cancel the order. You even stated: which to me seems as though what they wanted you to do, cannot be done by you in whatever time frame the buyer expects. YES, if you deliver something just to deliver, the buyer can give any sort of rating they like. If they want to give a 1* they can, you have no control over ratings that buyers give. I am not sure why you think this is a fake buyer just because they just signed up in May of 2021. I have quite a few new to the site buyers who turn out to be great. Everyone is new at some point. Maybe I just don’t get the gist of your story here. GG Yes, I completely understand that i cannot convince someone message me first. But what if buyer asking for 6 month work within 1 day gig. I am trying to convince them for extra work or time. I was trying to make conversation and only ask their name. But i got only one reply - “Cancel the order” for every asked question i got reply “cancel the order” Why you think i will search them on social media? And only with a name? There are many person with same name. Many person with a name of Rajat. They was asking me to deliver work as after the 4 min of order placed… “i need them now” First, I read previous some topics related to such buyer, but didn’t get answer anywhere. That why i wrote in page.
  8. Hi, Today I am experiencing a problem with one order. Here buyer placed the order without contacting me before. And after the order he want me to deliver work within real time with and unexpected records (which is not possible at real time). I am trying to identify his/her name and other details. As they join in May 2021. But buyer didn’t provide me their details. After 2-3 hours they send me request to cancel order without any reason. I am thinking that if its a fake buyer? And if i deliver work now then they can negatory my profile with bad review?
  9. Thank you for the update. But CS didn’t send any message and notification regarding server down.
  10. Sorry, i didn’t need answer by google. I already passed the test, but result not appeared in profile.
  11. Hello There, I have recently pass social media marketing test on fiverr, but after the end of test is not appearing in my profile. Can anyone help me why its not appearing in my profile? Thank You
  12. Its same with my gig. All of sudden, impression are zero.
  13. Interesting idea…I will be part of it!
  14. Yes, They are deducting 1% TDS on sale price including their cut. For 10 USD service, fiverr takes 20% (2) and plus 1% TDS ( 0.1).
  15. Hi Aisha, Yes after submitted the exempt option 1% TDS is deducted. This deduction is cut after the order submission and show in earning page as “194-O”
  16. Thanks for the support. This time will also passed.
  17. I choose the exempt option, but still TDS 1% is deducted Which certification is required from tax authorities right? Where to upload? Can anyone advise.
  18. True. You said it correct. What we give 20% cut to while we selling our service in own website.
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