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  1. thanks for warm welcome have a nice day , happy freelancing
  2. very good guideline you provide
  3. Two days i was busy dear lets have fun
  4. whats wrong with this gig dear? i see its lookprofessional, gig promote on social media cause fiverr.com refer it
  5. you dont put any tag , you put tag then enter, following this rules you put 5 tag ,i see you create gig on mobile, its wrong bro fiverr.com is a professional site here you cant put emo on title etc be professional
  6. welcome to fiverr.com but remember one thing here dont expect more, if you feel i create a gig and get oreder soon , its not reality you have to care your gig title and dsecription, develop your skill happy freelancing
  7. dear sister 1st you write woo commerce , its not what you write it WooCommerce . 2nd ting a buyer watch on your title and and if they feel its not fullfil their requiement then they ignored thats it hope understand happy freelancing
  8. may be your image is good thats why you get click and for title and tag you get impression but when client read your description they dont like thats why they ignored placing order, i hope you understand
  9. first you get order and deliver with good feedback i hope one day you will getting start order daily
  10. yes sir you look pro and also talk like a pro
  11. welcome to fiverr community hope you stay here long time
  12. i feel you create mistake and edit gig on the wrong way
  13. very good question i just tracking your post, hope someone reply your question
  14. yes absolutely appriciate with you but one thing if you have very good product but you dont know where i can sell , how introduce my product, is it easy to sell
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