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  1. Does anyone know if this is allowed and if it would be breaking ToS? They do seem legit. Client message: "Hello, would it be possible to get a custom offer for the attached scope of work? I envision this work taking up to 10 hours a month to complete as most of it is copy/paste material. In addition, I would need anyone who I hire as a VA to pass a background check (I will cover the costs) and sign a Confidentiality Agreement. I handle very sensitive NPI (Non-Public Information) and my VA will be working within my CRM that stores this information. Thanks"
  2. I've looked all over and for the life of me can't find where to cancel/edit my existing buyer brief. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. I create book covers with licensed commercial images as well as creating other graphics that include commercially licensed images. But, now I'm thinking this change doesn't apply to me since I'm not selling stock rights, but a finished project which the user can use commercially to sell their product.
  4. Yes, I received an e-mail from Fiverr: ----------------------------------- We're changing stock-related pricing factors in your packagesThe pricing factors that will no longer be available in your packages are: Background music Premium quality image Stock image Stock footage If you want to offer licensed media (including images, video footage, or music) in your Gigs, you can do so through our Shutterstock integration.To include licensed media in your Gigs, switch to these pricing factors: Commercially licensed music tracks Commercially licensed video clips Commercially licensed images
  5. How will the new Shutterstock change affect for those who already have a subscription plan for Depositphotos? Can we no longer include commercially licensed images within our project through Depositphotos? Are we forced to use Shutterstock now? Can anyone clarify this? Thank you.
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