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I'm level 1 seller now!


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I have so much troubles to get any order for over a month. I decided to search for some help here, on fiverr forum. I add some new gigs, to my profile, records video and now we have it!
Today I got promote for level 1 seller, and actually it took me 3 days of serious work. I’m so excited and I hope I can continue making at least 3 orders every day 🙂 It would be awesome!
Never give up on your dreams. I’m really young, this year I need to decide about my life by choosing a college. Fiverr give me some opportunities, to earn some money to start filmmaking bussines. Thank you! 😃

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Dear Czarek:


You should be a real inspiration to other New Sellers.

Good luck,

P.S. I took a look at your new video for your “NATURAL video” gig. Two suggestions:

  1. Invest in a green screen so you can show some truly mindblowing backgrounds…
  2. Learn to choose your video cover image so it shows just what you want the Buyer to see…
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