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I am writing this post simply as a help for those who have been asking how to list a gig. First I got to say all the old tricks have been removed by the new update. All you gotta do now is putting the gig to the recommend list with genuine methods and making it visible in search results

  1. Don’t do the usual try doing something unique just because someone else gets more orders don’t copy their gig put distinct samples for the gig that means use a unique cover image use special words for the gig title. Most of the gigs get to the recommend list by the title and gig cover it’s because fiverr manually recommend and feature the gigs

  2. To get the gig into search results, you should include keywords in the gig description. So when a buyer searches for that keyword your gig comes on top of the list. Put the same keyword you used in the title in your description. Use those keywords in your tags too

  3. To get orders mainly excellent samples are important. After putting the gig, go to buyer requests and create a good proposal to apply for them. If your performance is good enough the buyer will make the order. When you are applying for buyer requests, try your best to apply for those with an offer count of a 0 or a really low number. Then when your gig starts to get about 10 to 15 ratings it comes to the last pages of higher ratings. As the number of ratings increases your gig will get to the first pages.

Remember, doing something unique is the most important thing.

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