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New and struggling a bit


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Hello, everyone!
This is my first post here, but sadly its going to be a bit… complainish 😃
Don’t get me wrong… I realy like this bisiness platform and I’m hoping Fiverr becomes my primary workplace in a few months.

So here’s a bit of my story for now ;D

I’ve been using Fiverr for a bit more than a month now and I’m very pleased with the way this platform is allowing me to sell my services. The thing is, I havent had a random person buy a gig yet. All the people that have been my customers are people that I’ve marketed to face to face. Not even all the buyer requests have been accepted. It kind of seems like for a new seller the way to presper is to do realy fast work, which by my experience most of the time results in horrible results. After all its the “quality vs quantity” thing, i guess.
I’ve surfed this forum quite a lot and read quite a lot of tips, but it seems like its not as simple as the tips portray it ;D It’s even harder when you live in a small town in a poor country where everyone thinks you’re trying to scam them if your business goes through the internet… 😃 And believe me, its getting realy hard and tiring to explain to people that the internet is not going to make their wallets a public money fountain.

So heres the question:
How long did it take to get constant buyers (1 per day or two)? I would appreciate it a lot if someone could point out mistakes in my gigs. I take criticism quite well.

Thanks for reading all of that 😃
And sorry for the long post.

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Hi str_milanov! I looked at your sight and I think It’s really well done. It seems like your doing the things that Fiverr says to do as far as Having multiple gigs. Providing packages. Explaining in detail what your gig is about. If your doing the things that are supposed to work Then I think he next step would be to somehow get more eyes on your fiverr gig. Also try and specialize in a certain area of your skill set that would somehow set what you do apart from the others in your field. Sorry I can’t help as I am struggling also. I have not been able to get anyone to purchase but I have a plan to get more eyes on my Fiverr gig and specialize in order to stand out.
I will create a separate youtube channel and use video to show more samples of my singing. Then I will make a series of short youtube videos teaching how to sing step by step and specialize in old cover songs. From my youtube channel have a link back to my fiverr gig. Perhaps you can do something similar. Looks like your doing great work so hang in there. I’m reminded of a question I heard that I keep in mind. What makes what you do different, better, or special in what you do? Search for that. Well take care : )

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