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Making That First Conversation With a Seller Successful


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This is a post I wrote for the Fiverr Academy that I thought buyer’s would find useful.

Finding a seller to help you with your quality work can take some time and patience. Perhaps you find someone who you would love to work with, but you see that they are on Finding a seller to help you with your quality work can take some time and patience. Perhaps you find someone who you would love to work with, but you see that they are on vacation. Now what? Or maybe you find that perfect seller who is unavailable to take on your order due to being overbooked. You start to brim with frustration. Or perhaps you opted for Fiverr’s Request a Gig® tool and are getting poor responses from sellers. Do not let any of these scenarios scare you from working with sellers on Fiverr.

Being a buyer puts you in a unique position. You are in a marketplace where you can pick and choose your seller. This allows you to piecemeal a project and not have your inbox flooded with emails. You can control the process quite well. Just like a buyer deserves a certain level of communication when communicating with a seller, sellers also need to be communicated with in a specific manner in order for you to get the most from your buying experience. Below are some tips to help you have a successful and enjoyable experience on the platform with a seller.

Plan It Out

You may come to Fiverr with the notion that someone else is going to tell you exactly what you need and how to get it done. While this is ideal, Fiverr offers many micro-services that specialize in a niche. And while some sellers sell services that cover many aspects of a niche, like web design or graphic design, do not rely entirely on the seller to lay out a plan for you.
Coming to a seller with a plan of what you need is like going to a tailor with specific measurements. You get the best results the first time around. Because some sellers can be busy, coming to them with a plan allows them to respond in kind with how they can help and for what price. This also avoids a buyer’s worst fear — being taken for a ride and spending a ton for it. Fiverr has protections in place if this happens, and while it is not the norm, coming to a seller with a plan helps ensure you are not getting fed information just for a sale.

Research and Ask for Samples

Before you communicate with a buyer, do your research. See what Gigs are available. Check out packages and extras that are offered. Also, read the description and FAQ carefully. By doing this you are arming yourself with all the information you need to negotiate for a fair price. You may find that you need to adjust your budget to save some money or that you need to adjust your buying needs. That way when you go to the seller you can have an idea of what you are getting and what the comps are in that category.

Think of it like real estate. You do not buy a house before knowing what it offers and for how much. It allows you to adjust your needs and ask for them at the right price with confidence. Sellers appreciate when a buyer has done their research and charges appropriate prices. This can shorten the initial phase between communication and purchase as well as how soon you get your order.

In addition, read the reviews and look at the seller’s portfolio samples. This is like getting an inspection done on a house. You have what you want, but you want to take the final steps to ensure you are really getting what you think you are. Samples show you the true work a seller can do. Again, this not only helps you but also holds a seller accountable for their promises and lets them know you are sincere in your interest to work with them. And if they cannot deliver samples, feel free to politely decline and look elsewhere if you do not feel comfortable without the proverbial inspection.

Avoid Vagueness

In a digital marketplace where communication is key, being vague can get you poor results. This is no more important than the initial conversation. Any conversation that does not clearly express your reason for holding it and what you need can lead to a frustrating exchange or a long search for a service that could still not meet your expectations. Sellers can only go off of what you share with them. So share as much as you think is fit to ensure you get your point across. Even if it is three or four messages, be clear about your needs.

When communicating your needs, avoid generalizations. Instead, try to offer a description of what you need, or point the seller to a sample you like. This allows the seller to get the work done right, saving you both time and money. Some sellers also do not offer revisions for free, so having to ask for changes because you did not clearly state what you needed beforehand can be costly. Likewise, some sellers offer one or two modifications, which you can access by access when a seller delivers a sale. You will see a button that allows you to request a modification. Feel free to type up a Word document if you need to with an outline and key points. The clearer you are, the better the results will be.

Statements like “I need a great looking logo for my dog business” or “I need an article about vegetable benefits” are examples of being vague. The seller may decide to proceed with this and deliver something amazing but not what you really had in mind. Avoid being vague at all costs unless you truly do not know what you want. In that case, seek out several sellers’ opinions and average out the advice with some of your own research so that you can approach a seller with a clearer plan in mind. Sellers do not mind educating buyers as long as it leads to a clearer idea of your needs and a potential sale.

Be Kind and Rewind

In that initial conversation with a seller, remember that there is a human on the other side of the screen. Being kind will encourage a seller to want to do better work. People like being treated well. Saying hello, sharing something personal, asking a question about the seller’s day or how they learned so much about their area are really great ways to build a positive rapport that can give a more personal touch to your work. Sellers are not robots. Some work second jobs, have families, live under different circumstances, and have different beliefs. Treating a seller with respect and kindness gets you more than being direct and to the point does. It may even make the seller feel more special, which will benefit your further interactions and work received on Fiverr.

This goes for conversations beyond the first one as well. When orders are delivered or you are given some work to review, kind and constructive criticism goes a long way. A seller may not know they can do something differently. And sellers appreciate the opportunity to make changes to your work before you review it. Moreover, sellers are always improving their craft and your feedback is a part of that process.

Ask Questions

If you were to have specific dietary restraints and needed to clarify how a dish in a restaurant was made, you would want to ask the waitstaff that question. Communicating with a seller for the first time is no different. Perhaps you have a set budget, or you have specific time restraints. Perhaps you are not clear on what an offered extra is or what something in the description means. Ask the questions you need to understand. At the end of each exchange with a seller, it is your order on the line. Your order matters, whether it is a $5 order or a $100 order, ask questions for clarity. This shows the seller you are serious about your job’s end result and that you want to know what you are getting. This can also weed out sellers who may not be able to meet your needs. Do not be afraid to ask questions or think that you have to accept what is stated. Sellers expect to be asked questions, and this can help them give you the right price or think of something they would not have otherwise thought of. Questions can help you hone in on that seller that fits you just right like location can help you find that perfect home.

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