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New and lost


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So similar to others on this thread I am new to fiverr. I actually just found out about it last night searching Google for entry level writing jobs. I’m confused as to how I actually post for work or apply for a gig. And how do I add funds? Like I submitted a request looking for gigs and most of the offers I’ve gotten have been people offering to do the job I’m trying to offer to do if that makes any sense lol. I’m just lost and don’t know where to go from here. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try the academy’s getting started links -

Prepare to make a video presenting yourself if you want to take the platform seriously and stand a bit more above the crowd.

Use the Top right drop-down menu on the site to navigate to
Your Username > Selling > My Gigs

From there you can create gigs.

What you did was post in the BUYER’S REQUESTS section. This section is for BUYERS to post their REQUESTS. So if a buyer is looking to get a picture of someone who can spell their name in alphabet soup + take a picture or hold a cute sign with their name on it , they can request it in the buyer’s requests section of the site…

All that SELLERS can do there is answer the buyer’s request. From my experience , its kind of a waste of time and I’m not sure why. I can put 10 out a day and maybe get one response a week. My guess is that buyers are getting 20+ messages from their requests and ignoring most of them.

Good Luck

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