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What should a seller do when clients want to cheat with seller?


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Hello , i am isfa . I have been working on Fiverr since more than 1 years. I have faced many naughty buyer who cheated with me . They didnt pay me after job done . They said me to cancel the order but I did perfectly buyer job .

When I contact with Fiverr Support they use to tell me that “Please contact with your buyer , we cant force our buyer to accept orders” . I think at fiverr buyer gets more priority than a seller .

I just want to ask the EXPERT SELLER , what should we do when we face this problems .


Kind regards

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RE : I have faced many naughty buyer who cheated with me .

‘Many’ is indeterminate. Each case is different, refer to the customer support every time you feel that the buyer is being unfair, but also understand the limitation on part of Fiverr. They are right when they say that they cannot make the buyer pay for anything they refuse to pay for, this includes even services and goods they have consumed and need to pay for. That is how the modern banking system works, all the buyer has to do is raise a dispute with his credit card company and his bank reverses the transaction, therefore Fiverr has to reverse it from their account. Is it bad for sellers? yes, but it is good for buyer’s rights as a whole (not this specific case, where the buyer might be misusing that right). When you are in the role of a buyer, not just on Fiverr but everywhere, and if your card gets stolen and someone makes purchases, it is this very feature which allows you to seek reversal of transaction.

This is not just about Fiverr, this happens everywhere where an online transaction happens. This is the cost of doing business. The only way to mitigate this is to cultivate an eye for potentially bad clients and avoid them. The only ones who are kind of immune to such antics are people who sell tangible goods, as they simply have to provide their shipping details and there is a very high chance that the seller will win such a dispute. When it comes to services which have no tracking ID, you are at the mercy of the buyer. I’ve been working with payments processing since 6 years (ran my own ecommerce store) so I know it can be as tricky for the host as it is for the seller when such a thing happens. This can happen to anyone from newbies to top rated sellers.

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