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Is my gig missing anything? a little help?

Guest matt_garry

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Guest matt_garry

hello everyone 😃

I have had this gig for a few months now I am doing ok with it but I thought some honest advice mite help me improve it let me know if you like my samples and wording and if you don’t let me know why and how I can change it to improve it:)

thanks have a good day:)

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Hey @matt_garry! So I checked out your gig and I’ll just give you my first impressions and a few opinions. They are all meant to be constructive and they will be straightforward and blunt.

My first impression on the video is that it was kind of boring…the presentation lacked excitement. The first backing track is a rather somber piano piece that brought on a fit of depression and I wanted to go cry in the bathroom instead of being excited to buy your gig.

There is no question about your awesome musical ability, but the video is a sales tool and should get potential buyers pumped up to do business. I would redo the intro portion of the video and not be afraid to get a little crazy with it.

In regards to the gig itself, it is a very versatile gig with options for jingles, individual solos and many more applications. You should consider all of the niche markets your gig caters to and the category it is in. You might want to break it down into two or more gigs and place them in to different sections. For instance, make one gig specifically for jingles. Jingles have their own section and you could obtain more business related to jingles by placing it in the “jingles” category.

You could make another, similar gig and place it in the “custom song” section. You would be exposed to a different customer base in that category than the jingle one. With two or more gigs, specifically catered to an end product (jingle, custom song, songwriting), your exposure to the audio/music clientele would be greatly increased.

If I was a buyer looking for a jingle for my business, I would search the “jingle” section, not the “songwriting” section that your gig is currently posted in. I may never see your gig, even though it may be the one for me.

Those are just a few thoughts for you, as I love to see a fellow musician excel on fiverr!



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Any time! We actually just put up a new video for our jingle gig that has been down for a couple weeks. It’s pretty tough to put something together and actually like it when it’s done…lol.

We’re hoping that our new video brings some more traffic, but it’s always hit or miss. If I was to review the video I just uploaded, I would have some pretty harsh things to say about it still! I guess it’s a good thing to never really be satisfied and always strive for more…at least in the business sense.



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