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Tips for programming and tech sellers


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Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appealing obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. Programming has always been the one thing we find easy to do as tech sellers. From compiling your first “HELLO WORLD” program to the more complex algorithms, it has always been a challenge to get better. But do all written codes ever meet buyers’ request? Today, we have many tech sellers and creating a niche is becoming harder. Finding a balance between sellers and buyers do come as a challenge for many. And this is needed for the success and future of this profession.

What do tech sellers need most?

For starters, your programming skills might be great but what you need most is having strong communication skills between you and potential buyers. When I started on Fiverr, I only posted some few lines like say I can code, but with time I hard fewer jobs. So I took out time to re-structure my offers to fit each buyer request and has been working ever since for me. This is necessary if you are ever going to make it as a top seller. Here are some few tips to help you grow

•Understanding your potential buyers: Yes, we all can acknowledge the fact that without these buyers we wouldn’t be here in the first place, right? Most buyers, would initiate conversations and expect to have a great response. You can always mention previous projects you’ve worked on that are related. These people need to know that their job can be done excellently within a specified time frame.

•Be ready for challenges: new challenges arise every day and the way you adjust yourself around them is vital to your success.

•Writing efficient codes: Bad coding skills are not very much appreciated. Writing simple and efficient codes can earn you pretty nice tips from buyers especially when they are impressed by your work. This may be in form of comments or reducing the number of lines of the codes. That is keeping it simple and highly efficient.

•Learn a new programming language. Learning some new language can be of great use to you. There is always something to improve on. The world is becoming a global village as technology continues to improve.

•Excellent review from buyers is vital in starting your Fiverr carrier: There should be some sense of trust towards the buyers coming from you in achieving the targeted goal. These reviews on Fiverr shows potential buyers you can be trusted and capable of handling jobs well.

•Avoid late deliveries and canceled order: Nobody has the luxury of wasting time. You need to be available consistently. You might just be seconds late to missing a large offer. These can result in a drawback to your level in search results, as well as your sellers ranking in the long run.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 🙂

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