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Hello, unfortunately I had a bad experience with a buyer here on Fiverr.

As a new seller is very very hard to find buyers and I used the Buyer Request feature available there and I found someone to work with, it looked like a dream for me but it was just a nightmare.

He ordered my service for 10$ and i specified that in my gig I work for only or 6 hours.
I did the work, I’ve found what he wanted (he even let me guess what he wanted, communication was very poor, I had to redo some data because he didn’t provided me an example or something) but when I delivered the work he was not happy with the results, he wanted more and more and I asked him if he actually read what he ordered and what I am offering for 10$. I guess he even didn’t read nothing I was talkin about…

Nevermind, I didn’t wanted to receive a bad review because this would harm my work so I told him to don’t mark the order as complete and I worked ALL DAY (exactly like a slave) to find him lots of data that he needs.
He was so happy and he gaved me a 5* review for the work I did for him. I was happy… and just wanted to sleep, I was exhausted.

After I got my review I just received another job proposal from him and based on my bad experience with him I politely refused him, saying that I have another job that needs my attention. After this he got so upset and started to threaten me that “In case I didn’t know he can change the review” he did it, he changed his review from 5* to 1* and I reported him to Fiverr Staff which took care of him (thanks million times Fiverr for that)

But what I am trying to say… why is this feature available? This could do so much harm for all the honest, hard worker sellers! I mean if people just got the work delivered work then he should have a few hours,days to test the product and finally give a permanent review.
A buyer should be very careful when leave a review and be noticed that he/she can test the product a few days and then give a review which can’t be changed anymore unless the Fiverr Staff approves it.
I didn’t even get a notification that the buyer changed his review, is not fair at all!

Even if this feature remains available no problem… but then don’t change automatically the new review. Fiverr staff should be aware by this behavior especially if a review is changed suddenly from 5* to 1* I mean if a buyer would not like the work for the first time then he/she obviously didn’t leave a 5* review. I don’t like revenges especially in the case I did everything professional as always

I send to Fiverr my feedback about this experience and they told me that my feedback will be considered on Developers team 🙂

I just wanted to share my story about this and even make a change because is not fair.
I would love to read your story, do you experienced something similar here on Fiverr?

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