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What I Like And Hate On Fiverr v.2.0


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1.The design(it’s great)

2.The new option "Buyers Request"

3.That the viewing count is working


1.At every category was some buttons:“Auto”;“Rating”;“New”;“Express Gigs”(Where are they know)

2.I do not know if it’s a bug but on the new fiverr i can not see my gigs, but on the old one the gigs appear in first page

What’s is your opinion? Tell us what do you like and hate!

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There’s another bug too! I tried to send an attachment to my buyer at least thrice but it seems that she isn’t receiving one. Finally, I had to switch back to old Fiverr to send it to her. And I totally with you@samolxis. Even my recipe gigs used to appear on first page under 'cooking recipes category. But they seem to vanish in Fiverr V2!

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