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New on fiverr help me


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To be honest, my first thought was that I didn’t know why anyone wouldn’t be able to put their own photos into b/w and use sharpen image for themselves.
My second thought was that the photos looked like professional shots that had been blurred for the “before” and put in b/w for the after. So I think it would be better to use photos that aren’t of actors and models – use something that looks like a home photo, with something awkward in the background, and then show it with the awkward thing removed from the background and looking sharper and more professional in b/w. The buyer needs to see that you can do what you claim to do.

Also the grammar wasn’t great – it would be better to say:

I will turn your photos (in)to black and white professional portrait(s).

You could also say “snapshots” or “home photos” to highlight the difference between before and after.

In your gig text you need a space after “removal”

In your profile you could change “a guy that” into “a guy who”, to make it feel more professional. The word “how” seems to be missing from “knows (how) to do a lot of things”. You need to remove the space and add an apostrophe in “I’m”.

Hope some of that is helpful.

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