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I guess I have to participate in the forums to get any buyers. I refuse to get a Facebook account, and I just signed up for Twitter, so those two are pretty much out. I do understand that promoting is everything here on Fiverr.com. There’s no other way to be seen here. My gigs are soooo far at the bottom that I can’t even find them by searching. Does anyone know if Fiverr.com gigs are SEO for the search feature? It might make sense as to why my keywords won’t bring up my gigs. This is crazy!

Good Luck to Everyone,


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Guest elliott22x

I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and forums like this one!



For only $5, elliott22x will record a gollum smeagol voice over. | Get a custom recording of Gollum/Smeagol talking to himself or wishing you a happy birthday, or a friend. Or maybe for your podcast or commercial!YouTube | On Fiverr.com

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excuse the little off topic, but this is facebook related… As I see very little solid, true, respectable,trusted facebook gigs out there. I yet to see anyone on here except for myself that has a lot of real and true followers that all are organic and proven stats as mine… Not that i am here trying to promote mine but It odd to me seeing people choosing other facebook gigs for $5 with such little followers, where my facebook has nearly 70,000 true fans, with 93% from U.S.A under the age of 25. As in my gig I show a stat of my true page as I took a screen shot of my demographics and analytic s to prove it. But others are ordering the other gigs… just odd to me, as I have 100% rating and nearly 200 gigs sold in just slightly over 1 month… but not heavy on the facebook extra but rather on my stumbleupon account…

Anyways… If anyone can suggest me what is wrong here… or what is up with people… that would be great


p.s. here are the stats if anyone was interested


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