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Gig Improvement?


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I have two gigs, each has video and what I think are clear descriptions of what I will provide. Lately, have not received many orders and am unsure if it has to do with the competition or something else.

Please provide any feedback or tips to improve my stature here, so I show up higher in search rankings and receive more orders. My gigs are linked below:



Thank you!

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Dear C. Clark:

I took a brief look at your gigs.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs. This also outlines a social media strategy you might be able to use to draw more traffic to your gigs.

Here are my impressions:

  1. I think it would be a good idea to add your name to your Fiverr Profile. Do you prefer to be called C. Clark? The way Fiverr butchers our user names makes it confusing for the Buyer.
  2. Your log line: Proofreader and Editor. That says it all, but it’s dry and boring. I suggest re-writing this.
  3. Your videos. First, let me say that I’m old, fat, and ugly, with a horrible speaking voice, so I would never personally attempt to create videos like you did, even though I recognize that they are an effective selling tool.
    That being said, your videos have tremendous room for improvement. In your case, I believe it would be a worthwhile investment to hire a line producer to help you create far more compelling videos.
    At the very least I’d suggest your rehearse your presentations like Tim Roth in Reservoir Dogs. Re-shoot both videos. This time, when you press record and when you press stop, give yourself some lag time between those actions and when you are presenting, then EDIT the video to cut those portions out. Consider adding background music. Shoot the video in a different location, like outdoors, with a more interesting background.
    4)You have no Live Portfolio. I work mainly with images and videos, so when I deliver a a gig, it’s easy for my Buyers to add a video or image, so their Reviews appear in my Live Portfolio (to the right of my Gig video, Gig pictures, and any FAQ PDFs I add). I don’t know enough about your category to be sure that this will work, but I suggest that you start including an image with your deliveries, so your Buyers MIGHT have an opportunity to do the same for you. Think about what images you could create that would look good in your Live Portfolio. I suggest variety here.
  4. Writing samples: if you look at my IMGC gig, you’ll see that I provide the entire book in the video. This makes it easy for Buyers to see the quality of my writing. I also indicate that Buyers may see many more samples of my writing by reading my posts in the Fiverr Forum. My point is, you should brainstorm ways to make it easy for YOUR Buyers to see samples of your writing.
  5. Iterate. You should make so many videos for your two gigs that your videos show that you are comfortable making videos. This experience will also help you when you create new gigs in other categories.
  6. Make appropriate use of Buyer Requests.

Good luck,

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