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The Top Secret Marketing Strategy For Whiteboard and Intro Makers


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So you’re promoting your gigs on facebook and getting hundreds of views and impressions that are going to make you a TRS in next couple of months, right? Wrong.

Sharing gigs on fb groups is just wasting of time. You know, the facebook groups where you’re promoting your gigs are loaded with other fiverr sellers, who give no damn shit to you services. They are just a bunch of starving sellers trying to promote their own gigs using this beautiful social site.

So as a marketing ace I’d recommend you to stop spamming on facebook. Just try to be smart, and come up with some brain ideas, some special ideas that make real sales not just views and clicks.

You know, there are hundreds of marketing strategies out there that can do the wonder for your business, and here I’m going to disclose just one of them that will make you consistent money. So let’s go ahead …….

Facebook is now loaded with millions of pages and groups where people share their thoughts, and feelings with each other. And you, as a pro seller, should target just 1% of them.

1 - Find a couple of groups where entrepreneurs flock together and share their priceless thoughts and advices.

2 - Join in these groups and start commenting on their posts (relevant and thoughtful comments, NEVER SPAM there).

3 - Now, spend your hours in making a great video that gets their attention. Don’t start your video with “Hi, I’ll create blah, blah, blah”. Instead, make an inspirational video that makes them excited, energetic, and motivated.

4 - And if you can create the best one, people will surely make comments and give you thanks. And in reply of their comments, you should throw your sales pitch to them. You know, this is the most important part, so be professional. Ask google how to write a persuading sales pitch.

Now, let’s make a calculation. If 1500 people see your video, then 500 will surely make comments. And if you can convince only 30% people, then you will have 150 sales. Boom!!!
And if you’re smart enough and convince 50%, then you will get 250 orders. Sounds ridiculous, right?

So it’s up to you. I’ve just told you the marketing strategy. Now you’ve got to convince them.

How To Convince Them?? Here are few suggestions you can follow:

1 – Use a professional Gig Title that gets their immediate attention.

2 – Now write a flowing description that makes them click on the ORDER NOW button. Highlight your services; highlight what extra services you’ll offer them, what make you greater than other sellers. Remember, you’re the one who made them signed up on Fiverr, so don’t let other sellers take them away. Be smart, be professional.

3 – Use a professional gig photo that makes them confident about your services. I highly recommend you to use a photo that directly highlights your services. You know, people are now very busy, and they don’t want to read your whole description. They look for shortcuts. If you visit my profile, you can see I’ve made 25 sales from one gig, and the reason is my photo. You can check out that one. I mentioned what I’m going to offer them in my gig photo, and that made the wonder.

You know, Fiverr told you to promote your gigs, but they never told you how. So you have to find out your own ways. So keep calm and keep searching. And don’t forget to share your strategies with us. Thanks

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