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Am I doing it wrong?


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Greetings everyone, Its been almost a week since I have joined Fiverr and I want to know from seniors here that how long it takes normally to get your first sale? I currently have created three gigs but so far all I have received is views or clicks on them.Am I doing something wrong?Should I create more gigs?

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Hey “designatdawn,”

I seem to be having the same problem.

My guess is that not only does it take a bit of time for new gigs to make their way into search results, it takes a bit of time to gain buyer’s trust. Buyers are hesitant to buy from us at first, as we have no credibility. The “new arrival” label doesn’t help, either.

I assume the second sale will come much faster than the first, pending a successful order and positive rating.

There are a few things you can do to increase your conversion rate though. Apparently video explanations of gigs increase that rate by around 200%. Something about seeing the face on the other side of the order provides a sense of comfort and assurance.

Anyway, best of luck,
Patrick Anthony

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