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3 things you mustn\'t do on fiverr or any other freelancing websites


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Hello, Fiverrs
I am going to talk about different issues here on fiverr which are very dangerous for your career or your freelancing work.

  1. A lot of people here advise new sellers to read other’s profiles and gigs in order to know more about how to orginaze their own profiles and gigs. This is not a problem, yet there are many of them copy and paste other’s work. You shouldn’t do that because you are like stealing other’s property. This is not good thing to be considered as a thieft. You must do your own by your own words, style and manner.
  2. Secondly you must not write wrong or exagerated inforamtion about yourself. For instance if you are newbie or you have one year experience, you must mention it bravely without any hesitating. You should tell the truth and show others your ability and skills in doing that job even you are newbie.
  3. Don’t depend on improving your profile through unethical behaviour. You can improve your business through social media like Facebook and Twitter. But becarefull; I found that there are many people use Facebook in order to find someone else to ''Exchange Orders." This is not a good way to show your professional work. You should do your best to find buyers in order to give his/her feedback about you.
    Be honest and you will be successful.
    Wish you all the best.
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