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Suddenly no orders coming in?

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I don’t know if its just me or what? But ever since I joined fiverr about 3 weeks ago, Ive had about 2-3 orders a day!

But , ever since May 29th, no orders have come in? Is there something wrong with fiverr that I should know about? I find it odd for orders to just stop coming in like that?

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Not sure, this is probably one of my best weeks ever on Fiverr. I suppose it depends on what you offer, eh? Then again, I should be getting overwhelmed with orders as I offer a lot of SEO-related things, and recent changes were made in relation to it, so a lot of people need adjustments to their pages. Try changing categories and keywords. That sometimes helps! Also recommend adding videos to gigs you don’t already have videos on. A video showing the service you offer in action is always helpful! You can also consider offering new gigs to draw attention to yourself again, perhaps? Since you say gaming, maybe a gaming commentary or screencast, or something like that? Of course, it’s up to you.

Just some misc. things.

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I have 1,700+ orders completed, 100% rating, almost a thousand positive feedbacks and no negative feedbacks at all. I can tell you that yes, that’s perfectly normal here on Fiverr. I’ve been a seller here for around one year and that happens from time to time.

Right now I am facing a dry week. I was averaging 10 orders a day a few weeks ago, and right now only 5 orders a day. In fact the last couple of days even less than that. But I know (hope) I will get enough orders again soon. 🙂

Best Of Luck.

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Guys. I have Completed my 4th month onm fiverr. in my First Three mOnths I got 120 Orders. with i did them with 100% positive review, and 0 negative or neutral review,
and Since my fourth month started I Have Just Got only 1 order. and Thats it,.
All i get till now in this last month is just one order,

I have asked support executives but They said everything is normal with your Gig and ID !
i dont Know what to do.
a week or 2 weeks are okay .
But Its been ope month ! Please help Guys what To do !! I am Worried.
has anyone faced these dry days for a month. in first three months I get $1200+
and in last month I Earned $16
Is it okay Guys Please Suggest !!

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