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Short fiverr story and fast tips - Am a websites designer and WordPress expert


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Hello Am Kate. A professional Website creator in all kind of platform(like WordPress) and a graphic designer with many years of experience

Here is my little story. Although it is always hard to get a job on fiverr and for new sellers patience, ccontinuityand sincerity is the kkey to fiverr success. Am not yet a top rated fiverr seller but at least am getting paid for the good jobs I offer. These are some few tips I used as a new sellers on fiverr and which really worked for me till now

1)fast reply and staying online - as you message a buyer. Many other sellers too are struggling for the same job. Sometimes a quick responder to that effect and most considered more serious and active than other sellers.
2) Never exaggerate. Dont be too bold of what you can do. And don’t over talk. Be precise and straight forward. Buyers are always scared of sugar coated mouth sellers and most of them will not even get bsck to you. They sees you as a scammer

  1. Never apply for a job you know you cannot do out of frustration to get a job offer.

  2. Avoid any kind of late job delivery or cancelations . The more you get more job been canceled due to the fact that you can’t get the job well done. Your fiverr rank will greatly reduce and kill your gig.

  3. Don’t try to impress buyers with big grammar or English. Be very simple and use plain English as most of the buyers from Asia don’t understand English too well. So don’t try to make them feel you capable of doing their work by using big grammars to impress them. It doesnt really work

Just a fast tip though. . Get your modern or vintage style websites done with me. And logo design with any of your concept or add mine. I also offer premium WordPress themes for free or very cheaply . @i_grafix

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