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Hey I'm a newie and I need help!


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Hey fellas! I’m Rocío from Argentina. Just started in Fiverr and I’m having some trouble to understand how it works.

  1. I offer translation/transcription services since I’m bilingual but I still don’t get how the “Extra Gigs” work and if I tag the Proofreading, is it considered something extra? Since I think that any translation/transcription made- regardless if it is an easy or difficult one- contains itself proofreading and correct grammar/spelling.

  2. I can’t understand how can I get my money after completing a Gig successfully. Paypal asks me for a US account in USD and I just have an argentinian account and a VISA credit card, but they didn’t answered if they can pay me through the credit card. I’ve heard of a Payoneer card but many people told me it’s more expensive and that it takes a really long time to be delivered to Argentina.

Can anyone help me with this? Would anyone check the two Gigs I have for the moment and give me your opinion?
Thanks very much guys and girls!

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Welcome to Fiverr!

  1. You can offer gig extras for additional services within your gig. . This will allow you to make more money.
    You could offer “Express Delivery” another option might be “Formatting” if your client prefers a certain file and format.

  2. I would suggest for you to create multiple gigs. 1 for translations, 2nd one for proofreading and a 3rd for transcriptions.

-Rewrite your gig title into English, right now your gig title appears in Spanish?
-Rewrite your gig descriptions for each individual gig instead of thowing all of your services into one gig.
-Space it out, use paragraphs and highlight certain key factors in the gig description etc…

  1. As for the payment. You can learn a lot by visiting the Fiverr Academy or the Fiverr Help section which will answer most of your questions.

4.You can link your Paypal account to Fiverr, set up direct deposit or payoneer.
Don’t be confused with the currency. You can always change your currency here on Fiverr or at the time of withdrawl through Paypal.

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