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What should I do when the buyer hasn't submitted enough information?


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Hi all!

I recently received an order for my 3 day gig. The buyer did not provide many details and was quite confusing in their request. I’m just not really sure what they’re after.

Over the last 2.5 days I have sent 3 messages requesting that he provide more information and have not received any. There’s now only 11 hours left before the gig is due and I’m at a bit of a loss!

What should I do in this situation? would you recommend cancelling the order? I am worried about doing it wrong and wasting our time/getting a bad review.

Any advice would be gratefully received! 🙂


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I usually face this situation.
You can do
> first of all make sure to have buyer requirements section to avoi it
> deliver it with your queries and request of more information and telling him to provide it after puting the order in modification.
^ i did it many times with good outcome

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