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Few ways to get you more sells from social media

Guest mortadimarwane

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Guest mortadimarwane

Is It OK to Share Content More than Once?
Sharing your fiverr profil link multiple times on social media can trigger strong reactions. “Some people don’t care for the practice of sharing the same content more than once on a social account” ( business insider magazine ) , but, as is often the case, it is hard to argue with results. A mouth back, I shared the strategy my own fiverr clients who have i fiverr selling profile to promote there fiverr service on social media. Guess how many complaints we’ve received from the practice?

Never Share the Same Message Twice
This is a very important step in the process that truly will separate you from the unruly fiverr users. For most of us, when we share a a gig link on social media, we include the title of the gig, a link, and a few hashtags. This is fine. Once! But, it can get pretty monotonous for your followers if you aren’t careful.

The better strategy is to add some simple variety by asking questions or including gig extras- from the gig itself.

I have been doing this for a while now with Twitter and I can say from experience: it works! I haven’t tried it with the other social channels, but with Twitter I do different hashtags, different times and the extra tweet always finds its audience.

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