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It takes a couple of days to make your first one or two sales, so don’t worry. Just keep working. And make sure you have the following things.

Complete your profile:

Many guys don’t complete their profile to 100%. Making your profile 100% completed gives a good signal to Fiverr system, and in return your gigs will be published on Homepage that means you’ll have more orders. So make sure your Profile is 100% completed.

Profile Picture:

Your profile picture gives your clients a feel of ease. When a Buyer sees you have a nice profile picture, he thinks you’re a professional. So it is highly recommended to use a profile picture instead of any avatar or cartoon.

Your Gig:

Your gig is everything. Promotion, profile picture, seo everything will bring buyers to your gig, but if it is not written in a quality and professional style, then you cannot make any sale. So the most important thing is your gig. Write your gig’s description very professionally and mention everything very clearly. You can check out other sellers gig to know how they wrote their gigs. To make it easier for you here is a gig sample that you can check out. It will help you a lot in making your gig more appealing. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/689adb9609

Best of luck.

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It’s not easy to get your very first Job! but that doesn’t mean you sink your heart without even a start. keep checking Buyers requests, make your gigs attractive, And when bidding for a job don’t use the traditional stuff in Description like “i’m a good free lancer can do all kinds of stuff have experience for many years” it’s my opinion I consider it a bad start.
Description is the key it will get you the job Read the buyers request carefully Talk about the the work buyer needs e.g quoting you Usman "I am new on fiverr and looking to get my first order… will you people please guide me int his regard Thanks"
I would ask you question if you were a buyer like , What kinda work you are looking for , what’s your skill, are you a designer or a writer, what work you feel comfortable with.
Getting the point ?
talking about you and making you realize hey you’ve missed a serious information you should have mentioned. and the buyer will get an idea you know the stuff you are taking about and they will respond.
this is what you do. I’m a graphics designer usually make logos when i read a request I talk about the request and the logo and the about how I can help them.

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Hi, just follow these steps to increase your chances

  1. Upload an High quality display image for each gig
  2. Upload a pro video for each gig (330% more conversion)
  3. Description which describes your gig clearly
  4. Put correct Tags/Keywords on the Tag section
  5. Send buyer request regularly related to your gig only
  6. Promote using Social media like FB groups, Twitter, Linkedln etc…
  7. Create youtube videos and put your gig link on the description
  8. Always over deliver like free one day delivery etc.
  9. Try to be Online always, you can download the fiverr app on your smart phone and respond to the buyers without any delay, that will increase your response rate
  10. Always Loyal to the buyer, that will turn a first time buyer to your regular buyer
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Hi, OP, and welcome!
Your 2 gigs looked a little open-ended, people would see what you are skilled at but they are going to want to know the whats, whys, which’s, and how much, of your different services listed. What I saw looked well written but people would be asking themselves what of each of these services would I be getting.

Also I got this advice somewhere, ask a close friend to be your first client to get the ball rolling right away. Good luck to you 🙂

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