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New To Fiverr? Here's How You Can Get Started!


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Hey guys! Welcome to Fiverr! I know different people have different approaches to Fiverr but I thought I would share what I did to maybe help out some of the new arrivals. Please keep in mind that this is what worked for me and there are much more successful sellers on Fiverr and this post is purely meant to help beginners. If you have something to add, please comment below, I would love to learn something new today 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read this! Below is a guide that I would use if I started Fiverr all over again.

  1. Create an account on Fiverr (Duhh)

  2. Fill out ALL of the information you can, use a picture of yourself (don’t use pictures of others or pictures of random objects like puppies or cats although I do love puppies!).

  3. Create some gigs, this is extremely important since this is how people will make orders from you. Brainstorm 3-5 things that you think you can do in about 10-30 minutes time (eg. I will proofread 1000 words, I will write a 250-word article, I will draw you as a cartoon, etc.). Once you have compiled a list, search Fiverr for the things on your list to see if someone else is already doing it. Click on some of the related gigs and take a look at what they are doing, how much they are charging, and what their gig description looks like. Now use what you’ve learned to create as many gigs as you can on your account. Make sure you upload relevant images for your gig and classify it in the right section.

  4. Now that you have gigs set up, we can ignore them and move onto the important part. Fiverr has a section called BUYER REQUESTS, this is a section with a list of thousands of jobs that people need done by fellow Fiverr-ers (is that a thing?), and usually they put their budget for people to bid on. I know we’re trying to make money but before that can happen, we need to get you some reviews. Go and bid on jobs that you can do (if you can’t but it looks like an easy job, search Google for how you can do it and teach yourself if you have time). You may find that some of the jobs will require an hour or two of work but the person wants it done for $5, if you can do it, still do it. The reason for this is that we’re going to try to get 10 orders and reviews ASAP so that we can get promoted to a Level 1 seller. When you submit your order, make sure you ask in a polite way for a 5-star feedback or a way to make the order better so the buyer will leave a 5-star feedback. Our goal here is to give the buyer more than they paid for so instead of thinking “Is this all the person is going to do?” they think “Oh my god! Did I just get all this done for $5???!?”. When you send out requests, it’ll ask you to pick one of your gigs to offer to the buyer, make sure you pick the same one each time so that any review the buyer leaves will fall under this gig.

  5. Keep sending out bids every day until you hit your cap. Almost 100% of your money will come from this section for now since people still don’t know you. If you keep doing this, you should hit Level 2 in about 1-3 months and hopefully will have made between $500-1000 which isn’t really a lot of money for the time you invested but bear with me here.

  6. Once you hit level 2, you’ll have between 20-100 reviews since not everyone who purchased from you will have left a review. Now at this point, you should have had one or two gigs which have been making sales (from buyer requests). Now take a look at level 2 sellers who are selling the same thing and look at their prices. Since you are now level 2 as well, you can start pricing your gigs to match theirs. Once I hit level 2, I raised the price of my $5 gig to $250 and I still have about 2-5 orders per week! Yes, you may lose a lot of sales but think about it like this, would you rather have 10 orders a day which will get you $50 a day but requires 10 times the work or 1 order a day which gets you $250 and minimal work?

  7. At this point, since you’ll have lots more available time, head into the Fiverr forums and start helping others since you should be an expert at this point. Why visit the forums? It’s an excellent place to learn new tips and you never know how helping others will come back to you 🙂

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Hi @vigasan

I tried your tips and have gone through each step and placed a few gigs online recently, but have only has about 60+ impressions with no views or clicks. I know it takes a bit of time, but any advice on improving my chances of getting my first order? Also, is it normal for the buyer request queue to be empty for more than a day?

Thanks in advance for answering


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