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Need API for Agency level users

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API is very very essential for all top profiles of all popular sub-categories. I will explain why.

Everyone don’t need API for getting all the order data to any in-house order management system but those sellers who hit big, really need this. I have more than 16 employee in the admin panel, solely doing order management for my fiverr account.

Here is why agencies need API.

  1. I need to give total access to all my staff members
  2. They have the password too!
  3. There is no way, we can allocate any order to any particular executive… Everyone is doing almost everything! ONE CANNOT TAKE CARE OF ANY CRITICAL ORDER IN THIS SITUATION. No order can be allocated to particular ‘customer relationship executive’.
  4. We can’t work for any short of quality management. Fiverr is just providing analytic of entire profile. I have no way to track performance of any individual employee. So sad!
  5. Everyday qualified executives do ‘data entry’ type of work by copying all order, updates & messages to our internal system which is available to all designers & developers… HUGE waste of time!

Agencies like us are loosing almost $400 (after deduction of 20% of fiverr) everyday because of lack of API.

I request fiverr to take a step for all agency level accounts & provide them API for new orders, updates, & update response, rejection, messages & message response, completion, dispute, delivery, etc.

This will help a lot of Agencies whether they realize it right now or not…

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

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I definitely agree that something has to be done in cases where companies use fiverr accounts for ordering. I don’t feel comfortable giving out full access to my account to all my employees. I would like to be able to set permissions to subaccounts to my account.

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