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I love fiverr a lot,It has changed my life totally.I was an ecommerce entrepreneur with my online shop. I had decided to do some SEO jobs for my online shop but It is very costly. And I was searching for that.One of my friend suggested Fiverr. And When I looked at that awesome thing I was wondered,So I had decided to give it a try but there was problem with processing payment cause in my country paypal is restricted and there is no way to pay,So I had decided to do some work in fiverr and earn some cash to get it done.Though I created an ID with fiverr on 2010 but I didnot worked with that ID.So I started work with my new ID

How I Get First Order?

After creating some gigs I was googling about fiverr so that how can I make sales of my gigs.Some days later I found a section called buyer request and I had responded some of the requests,actually I am a web developer and I have been developing web since 2009. So I had got a job from that response and I completed that job within 15-20 minutes and that was my first sale.Then I had worked with some of buyers and I always wanted to keep 100% positive ratings

Rest of the Story

Some days later I got Level 1 Badge and my order was consistently increasing,And I always kept in mind that I have to deliver quality work,So sometimes I cancelled some orders even after completing 100% work cause my buyer was unsatisfied.

Then I established my own Web Development Company depending on Fiverr. And Now I am outsource my work from fiverr as well as freelancing at fiverr.Fiverr totally changed my life and the way I lead my life.Thanks fiverr a lot

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