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4 top tips for freelance writers on Fiverr


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I have been a freelance writer on Fiverr for a little over 2 months. Within that time I have gained some valuable experience. I have also developed my skills, and am now a level 2 seller with a growing reputation for working hard, and creating unique content. As a result, I would love to be able to help other writers on Fiverr, so I have come up with 4 top tips that I think should help writers to get the most out of Fiverr.

  1. Be realistic
     This is true in terms of pricing of your Gig’s, the amount of Gig’s you take on and the content that you agree to write about. Consider what you can and can’t do, and then go on from there.
     Also, be realistic in terms of your skill level. If you know that your grammar, spelling, formatting etc is not up to scratch do not go accepting Gig offers from all and sundry. Make sure the Gig’s you accept are within your skill range. By accepting Gig’s that are too hard for you to complete and end up being full of errors not only reflects badly on you right now, but it will also affect your success further down the line. Instead, aim to work on your skills by reading, taking classes or whatever is needed to improve your work. Remember that writing is a skill that has to be learnt.

  2. It takes time
     Not only can it take time to develop the skills you need to become a good writer, but it can also take time to develop yourself as a reputable writer on Fiverr. When you first start out on Fiverr it can seem really demoralising if you do not get loads of Gig orders in. However, as you start to communicate with buyers, and as you start building up a good reputation with lots of glowing reviews, orders will start to increase, and with them so will your income.
     Do not expect writing to be an easy way of making money. As a writer you will have to work hard in order to make a good income. There will be days when you don’t feel like writing, but when you have orders to meet you will have to find the discipline within you to get up and face them.

  3. Learn to handle rejection
     When you work hard on a piece of writing it can feel terrible when someone rejects it or asks for it to be modified. However, you have to remember that people all like different things, and have different ideas of what good writing is. Aim to be persistent with your writing because that is how you will become successful.
     Being rejected is all part of the package of being a freelance writer on Fiverr. By being able to handle it is what will make you a better person, as well as a better writer. All published writers will have experienced rejection at some point, and it is needed to help you develop your skills and become a better writer in the long run.

  4. Decide what you want to write about
     I love to write about almost anything, and I love to do the research that is needed to enable me to be flexible about my content. However, if you are not keen to put in the research time, then you really need to decide what area it is that you want to focus on, and what Gigs you want to offer.
     I would suggest that if you aren’t sure about what area of writing you want to go in to, then why not try reading some articles online, or maybe try brainstorming some ideas. Have a think about what areas interest you most, and what areas you have the most knowledge about. There is no point trying to market yourself as a financial writer if you have no knowledge of the market, or of money in general! Always try and play to your strengths because that is how you will become the most successful writer you can be on Fiverr!

I hope at least some of the things I have mentioned here can help you to become a better writer. Please let me know if have any questions! Also, I would love to hear if you have any tips that could help me, and other writers on Fiverr to become the best they can be!

Thank you!

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Nearly 100 reviews in 2 months, that’s impressive! (I’m pretty sure I had less than 50 when I first started out)
I personally believe that the tips you wrote up there is not just for writers, but any type of sellers, especially the part where you wrote about being realistic and how long it can take.

I don’t know how long it took for you to get your first order, but simply looking at your gig descriptions etc, I believe it’s pretty clear that you really took the time to set everything up, and you were patient and realistic. I see a lot of new sellers complaining about not getting any orders after being on Fiverr for a month or even less, and sadly in many cases when I go check them they are offering gigs in areas which they seem to be not that skilled in.

I believe all you need to do is just keep doing what you are doing, at this point it looks like you have already built a solid base. It’s great that you shared your tips here. I’m afraid within the next few days this post ( or your inbox perhaps) might get flooded with comments like “I’m a new writer too but I have no sales help me/please give me some tips”, but seriously, to the new sellers who have just started within the past month or so, read carefully what thefidgetfoodie wrote up there!!!
Not just read them, but really understand/apply them.

BTW, “thefidgetfoodie” is a unique name to say the least…what’s the story behind it???

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Excellent advice. Really useful to all sellers. It took me a month to get my gigs fine tuned, and even to consider whether I wanted to do every job asked of me. Sometimes, I realised that it’s better to do the jobs you really know you can complete, rather than accepting all work just to make a dollar. Reputation is an important thing on here. Keeps customers coming back.

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Thank you for your really supportive and kind words!

I have really enjoyed my time on Fiverr, although it has not always been easy. I started out only a couple of months ago after coming across Fiverr and realizing that I had something to offer. I got orders pretty quickly, and as the reviews started building up, so the orders increased. I think for newbie writers it is just a matter of making sure you are true to yourself, and doing the very best job possible.

I was going to write top tips for all Fiverr sellers, but as I only have experience in writing I did not want to post something that might have been irrelevant or even unhelpful. However, if the tips here can help out others on Fiverr then that is great too!

The name ‘thefidgetfoodie’ is my Instagram account. I am passionate about health/ nutrition and fitness, and when I first joined Fiverr that is what I was going to focus on. However, once I realized that I had the opportunity to try out other things I did. The name may be odd, but it is me- so I kept it!

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Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

I think you cover it in bullet point number 4… but if you want to be successful on Fiverr, you have to be willing to put in a little due diligence. Of course you won’t be an expert on every topic… but the key is to be a quick learner. Go out and search a bit. Figure out what other people are writing on the subject.

I know too many people that aren’t willing to step outside their comfort zone because it’s too much work. Put in the work, and expand your abilities, and you’ll be successful!

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