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Some one for fivver contact me


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There is zero need to post multiple forum posts on the same thing, “shout” (write in all caps) and have a fit. Customer Support doesn’t contact you through the forum. (Forum moderators and admins are not Fiverr staff and cannot help you with Support issues either.)

There are only 3 possibilities that come to mind on your issue. If you cannot open any messages in your inbox, you will either have to try a different browser, wait, or contact Customer Support as it could be a glitch of some kind. If you can open other messages but not that one and you aren’t getting an error message, the answer is the same.

If you are getting an error message that says something about “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted” that’s not something you can solve easily. That message typically happens when a user’s account has been blocked, marked as a spammer, or they have marked you as a spammer. That’s about all that you can get on the forum unless you have other details to add.

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