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Hello Fiverr Sellers,

I’m here to open a special topic on a suggestion that should take your attention.

-Suggestion Details:

  • Guiding the Attitudes & the Reactions of the Fiverr sellers towards their buyers with an Instructing E-Book and/or Online Conversational Private Lectures.

  • The content of any of them should achieve the following:

A.We ( Sellers ) do represent Fiverr. Every single positive/negative attitude/decision we take towards/against the buyers will affect the entire website reputation regarding some/most of the newcomers of buyers who will spread the false reputation while some of them don’t even know that we are just freelancers working on the website and not the website owners/operators/formal employees. Thus, we need to get closer to the Fiverr’s Operators/employees to merge our cultures and assure providing the optimal UNITED service for the buyer at least in the Customer Relationship portion of the service(s) we deliver to our Customers.

B. Along with that, There should be Rules launched by the Fiverr professional experts, who breaks it should be punished and who apply it well should be upgraded simply like the rules that’s between a company and an employee.

C. There should be more flexible communication between the freelancers working as sellers in Fiverr and the formal customer support - other related employees. ( Chat, …etc )
An expert can handle the process of training 100 Sellers for few days.

All of the above can be applicable to any of the other business aspects and the specific services provided. For example: " A specific professional Voice Over Talented Person assigned by Fiverr will Select some of the talented voice over gigs owner/sellers to provide them a specific Advice, Rules, Guides, and/or Regulations that’s related to the voice over talent itself or to the other details of the HOW TO provide the service professionally.

Thanks for spending your time reading my entire topic and I look forward to receiving some feedback on the suggestion, I’m sorry if there’s any mes-spelling or any repeating.


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