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My first advertisement


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So far, my first experience has been unproductive. Every single person that answered my advertisement seemed to do so with a cut and paste of what they offered, rather than reading what my requirements were.

Requests for samples were just as bad. The keyword in my ad and my replies was “gothic” but not one sample looked remotely gothic.

My ad said that the job would be an ongoing job. I would think that a gig that will run for 6 months and yield a weekly pay check would have been taken more seriously. I will give it one more shot and post a new advertisment soon, but so far, I am far from impressed.

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I can make some suggestions. Fiverr is a very broad site with people at all skill levels all over the world. The Requests section you are probably advertising in gets a very random viewing and is probably used a little more heavily by newer sellers.

First, when you use that section, I would still to a very clear description of something you need done that can be done in a short job. Promises of ongoing work are actually often regarded as less reliable instead of more. I know that sounds counter intuitive to a buyer, but it really isn’t. There are unfortunately unscrupulous people out there who will tell Fiverr sellers they have lots of work in an effort to get an extra-discounted offer or even a freebie. I’m not saying you are doing that, I’m saying it’s really common.

Many new sellers have been tricked that way and it’s to the point that a buyer promising long term work is meaningless at best. I’m sorry that you are a victim of other buyers who have been awful, but it’s true. So, put a simple request out there for a single small job. Find someone who does a good job on that one thing with low financial risk to you. It might take you a few $5-10 tries but when you find them, you can end up with an excellent long-term relationship with a seller.

The other thing I suggest to you is that you may find yourself in much better shape if you just go to the main Fiverr search page and look for sellers in the right category with some promising descriptions, display samples and a good number of decent reviews. Contact some directly with a description of what you are looking for and see how they respond. That’s free and you might have to contact a few people to find a good match for a starting job, but you may get a better match that way than you would through the request system. Good luck!

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