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Tricky Buyers


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Sometimes there are buyers who want you to visit some page, make payments in order to signup. then leave some positive reviews as per their requirements. they sometimes offer $10 at max usually only $5. they also say that they will refund you via tip for the payments you have made.

Kindly do not fall in such traps where you have to make payments.
I recently was contacted by some one with same preferences

I am an auditor, ACCA (UK) let me tell you for sure you may be a 3rd degree victim if you do so.

As an auditor i know there scams or trick whatever you call them you expose yourself to following Risks:

  1. buyers like these will never pay you a tip
  2. your credit/debit card info will be at risk
  3. you may be unknowingly dealing with some criminal most probably money launderer
  4. Mental discomfort
  5. Investigation by authorities on criminal grounds
  6. Probably ending up with some sentence in jail in worst case scenario

So help yourself and stay on safer side

Best Wishes

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ACCA is a global… oh jeez. I am meant to be “nice” about this but come on. I’d want my accountant to take all your tips as natural and give me b*****d tips to kill those people dead. I wouldn’t touch your practice with a dead bird on a wilting stick. “I might suffer mental discomfort, be investigated and go to jail and worst of all have no access to my money”. lol.

The best accountants, my dear, are doing all of that an more and making a killing. You’re saying you’re ACCA (UK). Number?

No, I didn’t think so.

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it is you dear who knows acca is global in my country its c.a i have to tell everyone that my qualification is uk based. even on my CV i mention acca uk. like if someone who is cpa qualified mentions cpa australia or cpa usa or canada…

well you are not aware of acca code of ethics which has stringent requirements in relation to money laundering…FATF (FIN ACTION TASK FORCE) they simply catch you if you shuts your eyes to the obviuos. this the verdict of court…

if you account transactions are traced and you have a transaction like i explained above FATF is certainly not going to invite you for dinner.

Who says best accountant do this… if they do are they best any more??

you want to verify my qualification…search me on linkedin i have the same DP there…still not satisfied verify my affiliation with acca via my complete name name…definitely i am not disclosing my membership number in public.

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