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Bad buyer :(


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@graphic24online: Really sad to hear such things. Please contact Fiverr Support & they will surely help you & will remove the feedback also if you are not at fault.

Also I guess calling out other buyers name so showing such images where buyers name is there are Against Forum Rules

Please edit the image & hide the buyers name as it is not allowed.

Thank you 🙂

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That is weird. I’m thinking Customer Service as well. With such an odd last question and comment, I wonder if the buyer actually made a mistake. Either way, if you can show CS the conversation they might remove it.

By the time I arrived I’m guessing the post has already been edited to make it in compliance with forum rules. Thank you to the post author for the edit and thank you to @dimana_art for helping with reminders (along with other great forum regulars.) 🙂

One last thing - this post isn’t really a tip for most or all sellers so it isn’t a great fit for this category. Moving it to Conversations. (It could also fit in Stories, the Ranting Pot, that sort of thing.)

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