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How to use the AMAZING power of Instagram to market your Gigs!


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Hello Fiverrdom,

My name is Kevin and I will share a few quick tips on how to market your gigs and services on your IG accounts. As I have been testing different methods and tricks on my personal account (same as my Fiverr name).

  1. Decide whether you want to use your personal account or create a side account. As stated in a few other threads, when pushing your product or services on your personal account, it can really annoy your personal friends because let’s face it not all of our friends are forward thinkers or generally don’t need your services at all.

HOWEVER, if you have a stellar personal following of marketers or business owners in your local area, this can REALLY push your marketing efforts by word of mouth especially if you mark your local location on your post so when locals are searching IG by location-based post your latest post will show up!

With a secondary account you can basically get a fresh start. It’s the same as living in New Jersey all your life, then all of sudden you move to Arizona where nobody knows you and set up shop the very next day. I will elaborate on multiple IG accounts in a future post after further research, ( Can’t share every secret know can we ;D )

  1. This one should be SUPER obvious but as with any topic EVER, this world is too big to think that everyone is one the same page.

Besides your profile picture, your bio is usually the first item a visitor sees when coming to your account. Short and to the point, if the account is solely for fiverr, then give a brief description of your best services or gigs, or what you’re best at. You can only include one clickable link under the bio. Your last line of the bio should say something like, " Click below to see all my services" or " Need to hire me? click here :" Something along those lines be creative because your link to you Fiverr account will appear directly under that line.

If you wish to track how many people are clicking through to your Fiverr profile, I use bitly to shorten my link but you can any service you wish.

  1. You can offer free promotion to your clients by including delivered gigs as an IG post and link to the buyers own account or website (with their permission of course). It’s never a good idea to just post your gigs for each post, create joke post, or custom quote images like I sell on my profile. These are easy to make and the more you do it, the better you will become at making custom post images, your brand logo should be on these post as well.

  2. It’s important not to go Hashtag crazy. This means that if you are a logo designer, you can use hashtags like #: Logo, Logo Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Design etc. A good way to test hashtags before use is to simply type it and a menu will pop up showing you the number of post with that hashtag. You get instant likes and engagement when people search for that particular tag. IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU CHILL ON THE TAGS, no more than 10 per post, but you should focus on a good 5 to be safe.

5.Research what other brands and marketers are doing on their accounts, like how often do they post: per hour, per day and per week.

STEAL their followers! This isn’t actually stealing you’re following their followers or even liking their pics in hopes they will like and follow you back. Chances are they are interested in your niche since they follow your competitor or whomever you are researching.

Hope this helps so far!

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