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About New Gig problem


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I am New at fiverr . first 7 gig which i have created was in 1st place if i try to search with the keyword After create that gig and stay in first page for 2-3 day’s .

once i have deleted 1 low view gig and create a new gig … but was not get able by search with keyword.

Yesterday i have reached in level 1 … so i have create new gig … but same problem .it is not showing by search and no impression ,view … What is the problem with GIg?

Gig is showing active …
How can i solve the problem .

Please help me.

Reezel choyon

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I’m also new on fiverr and I’m experiencing the same thing, no impression for the past 7 days but I contacted customer support and they said it’s a bug that your gig is visible in search results but the bug id affecting the impression and views display. My gigs don’t come up at all when I search my keywords even in recommended and the new categories. can anyone help? I haven’t gotten my first sale though

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