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I had an idea


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So over Christmas I was watching some shows. Sharing. Making fun of, much like North Korea has just discovered the H bomb.

That could be bad I guess. Still though, I’ve already challenged Kim… Let’s have a nuclear faceoff ourself.

  • it’s a new gig
  • no external help
  • probably should be similar cats.
  • mee-wow

Let’s start up a new gig with no help and have a face off. Winner is whoever had the most customers after 6 months or something. You ready to lose?

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Pretty simple, it was erotica, and you can re-use certain acts over and over again (or kinks), as well as create mirrors–gay mirrors are good. Same story, just with… and of course, lesbian, although lesbians don’t sell as well. Just a little market observation.

I did all the work myself, and burnt out pretty quickly, but I was determined to write a ridiculous amount anyway, lured by the promises of $$$$$$$. Certain stock sites have offers every so often, and you just have to use sexy keywords to find the necessary lingerie models and chiseled hunks (don’t use their faces! Cut them off!), and after a few books you get better at covers. Formatting was simple once I learned the ways of Smashwords. Basically put it in notepad to get rid of formatting quirks and then transport back to Word with the … P-shaped symbol to add in formatting the “right” way (which is of course, the slow way–no keyboard short-cuts for you!).

All in all though, I burnt out (I really can’t tell you how tedious it was), and I never really enjoyed writing them in the first place. Still though, little passive income every month, which is nice. Certainly not enough to keep me housed, fed and watered, but enough that I can splurge out on pizza night once a week or whatever.

I worded my face-off remarkably poorly last night, didn’t I! Could be an interesting experiment, though. Two gigs which are almost exactly the same with two sellers and absolutely NO marketing other than Fiverr’s algo. Maybe not that interesting, looking at certain categories…

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