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So between waiting for my buyer request to be activated Im going to ask the community here if they have any recommendations of voice over artists to do some acting for a little animation im making for youtube , its a personal project so not placing heaps of cash into it , though I am considering spending the left over cash from my account.
Who here do you recommend ?
Is there anything you feel I should be careful of ?
Why is the request section so limited in word counts ? <—rants
What format do you think I should try and aim for ? im considering mp3 or .wav for the sound but then can consider more options .
How much do you think I should pay per part / some parts are 7K plus words others have a mere 20 lines of speech.

anyone that wants to recommend themselves by simply posting their gig please message me instead.

thanks for reading this and I look forward to any reply.

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There are many wonderful voice actors out there. I would personally look for someone that does voice acting, since your project seems to require some acting. Positive feedback and a good quality would be a must for me. The price will depend on the individual and what they have to offer. You might find someone who offers you 500 words for $5 but the quality might not compare to someone who offers a voice over with 100 words for $5. Browse through some of the high rated profiles, read some of the feedback and listen to their samples (use headphones) this will give you an idea of the quality you can expect. Best of luck in finding a great match.

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