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10 Quick Gigs You Can Do on Fiverr (For Non-Tech)


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If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side by selling your services or something that you’re good at, Fiverr is one platform that you should definitely consider using. Some sellers make a little money, but there are also some that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, even treating Fiverr as their main source of income!

Fiverr is known for being the place where people share what they can do for just $5. I think that’s what puts some people off selling their services on Fiverr to start with – who’d want to earn just $5 for a service, after all?

The thing with Fiverr though is that you can offer a basic service for $5 and have a few upgrade options available for doing the same gig faster, in more detail or with some other added extra. This enables you to charge more for an upgraded gig. $5 gigs on Fiverr really need to be super quick to do. If your hourly rate is $30 per hour, you’d only really want a $5 gig to take 10 minutes to make it worth your while.

So where to begin as a seller on Fiverr? Well, as a regular user of Fiverr myself (from an outsourcing point of view), there are lots of what I see as “tech” types of services being offered, such as people who can help with Word-press, web analytics, computer programming, SEO, web design and graphic design.

That’s all well and good if you can do those things, but what about if you can’t? How are you supposed to get started making money on Fiverr if you have different skills instead? And what services can you offer that only take around 10 minutes? Take a look at this list below for inspiration…

  1. Website user testing

Testing a website from a customer’s point of view doesn’t involve anything too technical at all. If you know how to browse the INTERNET, you can be a website user tester. All this means is that you’d be checking whether a website is user friendly, easy to navigate, nicely designed etc and this is a service that won’t take long.

To help with this service, you can use screen capture software such as Jing to record your screen whilst you talk about the website you’re looking at. It can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. This particular software is free to use and you can record your screen for up to 5 minutes. It’s easy to save a screen capture and send it via email to your client.

  1. Voice over artist

There are all sorts of clients who need all types of voicesfor advertising purposes. Whether your voice sounds deep, high-pitched or you have a broad American or posh English accent, your particular voice could be very much in demand. To start with, make a recording of your voice using your computer or phone, upload it to your profile on Fiverr and advertise yourself as a voice over artist.

  1. Human billboard

Strangely enough, it is possible to make money on Fiverr by writing messages on your face or body and taking a photograph for a client. If you can draw a client’s logo on yourself, even better. Not saying this is for everyone so you might prefer holding up a sign with a logo on it instead, or wearing a client’s t-shirt with their logo on it!

  1. Social media promoter

Sounds technical but it’s not really. If you have a large following on Facebook or Twitter for example, you could use these as a promotion tool for clients and send out a couple of tweets or Facebook posts to your friends or followers about their services. This works particularly well if you have a niche following, but sometimes clients just like to spread the word generally about their product.

  1. Microsoft Office services

You’d be surprised at how many people have problems trying to get formulas to work in Excel or tables to align properly in Word. (Me for a start!) So, if you’re great at Microsoft, you could offer troubleshooting services in this area.

  1. Creative writing

Do you fancy yourself as a fiction writer but haven’t had chance to make a start on that novel yet? Why not get some practice in and offer creative writing services. You could create a character profile for $5, or write a small section of a story.

If you’re happy to write romantic or even erotic scenes, you could make quite a bit of money as this is a service that’s very much in demand! One thing to note when doing this kind of gig is to keep it short for $5 – around 100 words maximum as a basic service.

  1. Profile writing

If you’re good with words and know how to draw attention with them, you could try your hand at profile writing for clients e.g. to help them sound amazing for their Twitter or Facebook profile.

  1. Gaming

If you’re the master at Call of Duty Black Ops, World of War craft or something similar, you could offer your services to get a fellow gamer up to the next level. Seriously, there are people that pay for this sort of thing!

  1. Pet modeling

Whoever said pets are generally a huge expense? This doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you can get them involved in your Fiverr gig. There are clients who will pay for your pet to be photographed with their logo. Take a look at this cat bursting through a logo picture for instance!

  1. Sing

If you have a great voice and you know how to read music (and have access to recording equipment), you could offer your services to sing other people’s songs. You can charge $5 for 1 minute and have plenty of upgrade options for longer songs. If you’re a rapper, you can make some decent money in this area too!

I hope the above has given you some ideas to think about if you’re considering selling your services on Fiverr to make some money, particular if you’re wanting to utilize some non-tech skills!

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?

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