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Denied Gig (after updating it)


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Hey guys, I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right site, if not, I apologize in advance. This is to expose a problem I had with Fiverr, I published a gig, it was about getting kindle reviewers for my customers (not fake reviews), basically, I gather contact information from kindle reviewer profiles (I can do it only if they publish it there), So I gather information of Specific people depending of what my customer book is about (for example, if a customer has a romance book, I gather contact information of reviewers who like romance books and has reviewed them on Amazon). So my client can ask this people through e-mail if they’d like to review their book.

As you can see, nothing illegal, the reviewers can freely accept or decline the offer and is not considered spam since they reviewers themselves published their information in their Amazon profiles. Everything was ok, I was promoting my gig, but I received an e-mail from someone who said that she had a fanpage and as a kindle author herself, asked another authors about my gig, and a lot of them thought I was selling reviews, which obviously was making me lose sales, since that’s not allowed… I updated my description, and Fiverr DENIED my gig

So, my question is… Why? and what can I do to undo that? I’ve been unable to find a place to communicate with customer support

Please, help 😦

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